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Hej everybody,


today I’d like to take a break from my usual reviewing duties to bring to attention one particular project dear to my heart:


Scott Gable, who has proven via Zombie Sky Press et al. his commitment to delivering, now has a fiction imprint, Broken Eye Books.


What’s that to you? Well, if you’re like me, you sometimes crave a different fare, books that actually feature imaginative setting, uncommon genre-blends and the like. Well, Broken Eye Books endeavors to publish exact this kind of fiction – and their authors should sound familiar to you!


Master of the macabre Richard Pett probably needs no introduction, nor does Clinton J. Boomer, whose creative vision was responsible for the superb Coliseum Morpheuon. Now, a lot of very creative, uncommon ideas are waiting in the wings – if the campaign funds.


Two of the books are actually finished and it’s just a matter of getting a print-run for them, and if a retro-apocalypse, a victorian moloch of a city where even death offers no respite, a Persona-style investigation into the weird 25th hour of the day, an anthology of stories on the fey (featuring Jennifer Brozek, James L. Sutter, Elaine Cunningham, Erin Hoffman, Shanna Germain, Cat Rambo, Jeffrey Scott Petersen, Christie Yant, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Torah Cottrill, Erik Scott de Bie, Andrew Romine, Ed Greenwood, Amber E. Scott, Jaym Gates, Nathan Crowder, Julia Ellingboe, Minerva Zimmerman, and Dave Gross!) or a hard-boiled superhero detective story resound with you, you might want to take a look at the kickstarter and help make it happen.


So click here to check out what all of this is about – more detailed information on the books can be gleaned here as well.


I’m not affiliated in any way with Broken Eye Books or the participating people – just a fellow backer thinking that the kickstarter might whet your interest – and that you may have not noticed it.


One more thing: My readers, do you want me to keep mentioning worthy KS I backed or consider interesting? Either way, I promise I won’t spam you with future kickstarter-posts and make posts like this the exception.


Thank you for your attention and to all the people who read my ramblings,


Endzeitgeist out.


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