There’s a “Bring me to Gencon”-bundle!

Dear readers, dear patreons!

(An apology to the patreons who will see a variation of this message in their patreon-feed!)


As some of you will know, my financial situation isn’t the best – quite frankly, without my patreon, I couldn’t do any reviews at all. As in: “I’m working all day to scrape by.” The patreon literally keeps the lights on right now.


While my trip to Copenhagen and job application there and at other places (as some of you may know, I’ve been pretty busy in that regard) *may* remedy that situation, for now, my resources are incredibly stretched; they have been so for quite some time and I’m working hard to change that fact. I don’t really talk much about it or advertise much of that aspect of my life since frankly, I’m ashamed of being poor in spite of my qualifications.


Anyways, I am working hard to change that reality, but this post is about something awesome – something that can benefit you:


There’s a colossal bundle of AWESOME books gathered together by publishers, authors and friends with one goal: To make it possible for me to actually attend Gencon. The flight is far beyond my capabilities to afford; same goes for the other components associated with attending. It’s a long shot, but guess what? You have nothing to lose and the bundle contains some of the most glorious books out there!

AAW Games’ “For Rent, Lease & Conquest”; Fro God Games’ legendary “Cyclopean Deeps”-saga; Rite Publishing’s “Breaking of Forstor Nagar” & “Secrets of the Masquerade Reveler”; Kobold Press’ “Courts of the Shadow Fey”; Everyman Gaming’s legendary “Ultimate Charisma”; Legendary Games’ glorious grimoires and must-own “Mythic Solutions”; Rogue Genius Games’ classic make-Bravery-suck-no-more “Bravery Feats” and “Hellfire Magic”; the glorious “Pixies on Parade” by Playground Adventures; LPJ Design’s awesome Ultronesque Cyrix – and that’s not even close to everything in the bundle! Notice something? These are pretty much crème-de-la-crème of files, the top-tier-OMG-must-have-books.

And yes, when I got back from my trip and saw this, I actually teared up!


So take a look at those gems and the HUGE discounted bundle of awesome material you can get on them here!



If you just want to get me to Gencon and don’t care about those awesome books (or already have them), you can actually donate here on OBS via Pay what you want – so yeah, if this works out, I may actually be able to *finally* meet some of you awesome folks in person and roll the bones with you! I’d certainly love to talk shop with you all and talk to you fine folks in person!

Finally, if you dislike OBS, you can also directly donate here on paypal!

Thank you for reading this. And to all the publishers that contributed to the bundle and everything -I’m absolutely blown away. Words fail to properly encapsulate what I’m feeling right now. Roleplayers are simply stellar people. Thank you.


Endzeitgeist out.


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