5E Mini-Dungeon: When Goblins Die (No Comets Are Seen) (5e)

5E Mini-Dungeon: When Goblins Die (No Comets Are Seen) (5e)

This pdf clocks in at 2 pages and is a mini-dungeon. This means we get 2 pages content, including a solid map and all item/monster-stats hyperlinked and thus, absent from the pdf, with only deviations from the statblocks being noted for the GM. Big plus: This mini-dungeon comes with a key-less .tif player map as well as a high-res GM map for VTT-use – kudos!


Since this product line’s goal is providing short diversions, side-quest dungeons etc., I will not expect mind-shattering revelations, massive plots or particularly smart or detailed depictions, instead tackling the line for what it is. Got that? Great!


This being an adventure-review, the following contains SPOILERS. Potential players may wish to jump to the conclusion.



Still here?

All right!


This mini-dungeon can be run as a sequel to “Doubt not that stars are fire“, but can also stand on its own. After delving into the coldfire-infested tunnels in the previous module, the party dives into the dark, where they’ll encounter the remains of a goblin tribe, with the first combat found being a clash between a ghost and a goblin-sized wightfor some rather weird start…and the tunnels also contain horribly weakened goblins, statues pulsing in harsh, fear-causing light…


…and the pdf actually includes the stats for a greater insect swarm monster – nice!



Editing and formatting are very good, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to a beautiful 2-column full-color standard and the pdf comes sans bookmarks, but needs none at this length. Cartography is full color and surprisingly good for such an inexpensive pdf, and the inclusion of a key-less map and VTT-capable options is a big plus for me.


Stephen Yeardley’s take on exploring these weird tunnels has been radically changed and converted to 5E – the execution is lethal, but damn cool and leaves not much to be desired, working imho actually better than the PFRPG-version. My final verdict will be 4.5 stars, rounded up for the purpose of this platform.


You can get this cool mini-dungeon here on OBS!

Endzeitgeist out.



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