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Maze Rats (OSR) (Priority Review)

Maze Rats (OSR) Okay, so Maze Rats is a rules-lite, condensed version of the OSR-style of gaming, a fan favorite for those who don’t like the bingo apps free style of games; the system is more akin to games like Into the Odd than e.g. AD&D; depending on which pdf you consult, you’ll have pdfs of 12 or 14 pages...


Knave (OSR) (Priority Review)

Knave (OSR) This game clocks in at 7 pages, laid out in a horizontal 3-column style that crams a lot of information on each page.   This review was requested as a prioritized review by one of my patreon supporters.   So, what is Knave? It is essentially a very  rules-lite toolkit that is designed for general compatibility with OSR-games;...