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The Undercroft #9 (OSR) (Priority Review)

The Undercroft #9 (OSR) The ninth installment of „The Undercroft” clocks in at an impressive 64 (6’’ by 9’’/A5) pages of content, already sans cover, editorial, etc. My review is based on the perfect-bound softcover of the ‘zine, which, while meaty enough, unfortunately does not note its name on the spine.   This review was moved up in my reviewing...


The Undercroft #4 (OSR)

The Undercroft #4 (OSR) This installment of the Undercroft clocks in at 24 pages, minus one page if you take away the editorial; this is laid out, as always, in 6’’ by 9’’ (A5), so let’s take a look! My review is primarily based on the stitch-bound softcover version.   As always for the ‘zine, the rules employed are LotFP...


The Undercroft #3 (OSR)

The Undercroft #3 (OSR) The third installment of the Undercroft-‘zine clocks in at 23 pages, one of which is the editorial, which, unlike in many comparable publications, I actually find myself reading more often than not; this leaves us with 22 pages of content, laid out in 6’’ by 9’’ (A5); my review is based on the print copy, which...