Path of the Mystic

Path of the Mystic

This mythic path clocks in at 28 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page inside of front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of how to use/introduction, 1 page ToC, 3 pages of SRD, 1 page advertisement, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 17 pages of content, though, as always, it should be noted that there is a lot of content per page.

This review was moved up in my reviewing queue at the request of my patreon supporters.

All right, the mystic path is specifically geared towards use with the occult classes, as well as characters like shaman and witch and characters inclined towards the occult. The mythic path nets 3 hit points per tier, and the mythic path starts off with presenting a choice between 4 different base abilities: Three of them may be activated as a swift action- compelling influence lets you expend mythic power to enhance your social skills with a number of creatures dependent on tier. Kinetic barrage allows for a simple blast sans infusions – this doesn’t provoke AoOs and you get tier to your BAB. This bonus blast, to warrant the mythic power expenditure, bypasses DR and energy resistances; nonmythic targets don’t even get the benefits of energy immunity. The third one allows for the casting of psychic spells sans spell slot or spell prepared expenditure; it must be of a spell level you know, but don’t have to have the spell prepared or known; CL is +2 for the purposes of level-dependent effects. The fourth ability can be used as an immediate action, and nets you reflexive incorporeal state and DR 10/epic. Cool ones!

The capstone is the same geas/quest trick the Path of the Bound has – including the mythic point guffaw. All right, but we’re here for the path abilities, right? Adamantine mind may be found alongside e.g. the ability to enhance the protection/magic circle tricks that make them binding traps – occultists will like this. They will like even more the ability to reassign points of mental focus imbued in implements. Speak with haunts plus being able to call upon spirits sans being in the right locale will be super helpful for mediums, and there is an option to tap into and form a collective unconsciousness that acts a bit like a collective, including the mythic power-based for the transfer of e.g. mesmerist tricks, phrenic pool points and the like – and yes, this has the rules precision to avoid being easily cheesed.  The ability to wield cursed items from the Path of the Bound makes its appearance here as well. The pdf does include a path ability that nets you a crazy-prepared ability, including means to carry more and conceal items – alas, the ability does not have the caveat to make it impossible to retrieve specific items like keys for a particular lock, etc.

Kineticists can choose a second element, but you only get the element’s simple blast and basic utility wild talent. Furthermore, non-instantaneous kineticist abilities can be made harder to dispel. Exorcism makes a return alongside the archmage’s flash of omniscience.  Forbidden writings is pretty cool, in that it nets you access to a whole assortment of Linguistics-themed SPs (italicizations missing); a couple of path abilities interact rather nicely with haunts et al. Better insight bonuses, fast power gathering, better defenses for the spiritualist’s phantom and more straight mythic upgrades for occult class features may be found as well.  Did I mention more occult skill unlock uses per day, or the ability that allows for the synergy of occult class abilities and mythic abilities. Second chances after blundered social skill use, critical hit retribution and getting abilities from paths that correspond with the respective spirits may also be found. A better, spontaneous memory sharing option can also be found here.

The 3rd tier abilities include the ability to shut off your mind from madness, which is amazing – it is potent, but also makes it impossible for you to perceive e.g. critters with the [mythos] descriptor or similarly disturbing monstrosities. Being able to act in a time stop is also possible (italicization of spell reference missing, though), as is being a member of a well-connected esoteric order. Combining power gathering with elemental body that increases in potency depending on the number of rounds gathering, being anathema to ghosts and the like …and what about better chakra use, or gaining at-will SPs while near haunts…what about using garish appearances to draw attention, or being expert counterfeiters, two angles particularly mesmerists will like?  There also is a means to specialize in psychic duels, switching spirits, splitting phantom between manifested and in the consciousness…some neat ones here.

Among the 6th tier abilities, there would be the means to use mythic power to negate the effects of failed mind-affecting effects, but it makes you controlled by the mythic patron. Odd here: The mystic doesn’t necessarily have a mythic patron, so this may come off as a bit confused. There is an ability to use telekinetic powers to use rock catching/throwing. Kineticists can learn to become living blasts of searing energy, while another ability allows for the transformation into pure thought, explicitly bypassing teleportation hindrance. The path also has an ability that lets you create a spiritual echo to take the brunt of an attack and redirect this.

The pdf concludes with a page of build/concept-advice pieces that help use this path.


Editing and formatting are good on a formal and rules-language level, but not as tight as usual for Legendary Games – there are more hiccups in italicized components that aren’t, etc., than I’d care to see. Layout adheres to the series’ two-column full-color standard, and the pdf comes with full color artwork, some of which is new, while other pieces will be familiar to fans of Legendary Games. Baffling: The pdf lacks bookmarks, which is a serious comfort-detriment for a book of this density.

Jason Nelson, Robert Brookes and David N. Ross are veterans that know what they do – the book manages to juggle highly complex concepts, and while more mechanic in the focus than the excellent Path of the Bound, the mystic will be a path that occult classes will certainly embrace. That being said, on a formal level, the pdf is a bit rushed, less refined than usual. The amount of missed italicizations is somewhat jarring, and the lack of bookmarks is baffling. Don’t get wrong – the rules integrity is still far beyond the average, and ultimately, it is what makes me round up from my final verdict of 3.5 stars.

You can get this mythic path here on OBS!

Endzeitgeist out.


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