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It’s the merry time of the year – and there are currently no less than 3 truly interesting Kickstarters running for PFRPG!


Archetype Compendium by Flaming Crab Games:

14 days to go and fully funded, this massive book endeavors to bring a ton of high-concept archetypes to the game, most of which will actually transcend the usual archetype length! Covering all classes, I’m confident that teh Flaming Crab crew will deliver an intriguing book indeed! You can check out this massive book here!


The Faerie Ring for Pathfinder and 5e by Zombie Sky Press:


Only 12 days to go and halfway there, this project needs to happen! Why am I saying this? Well, I can still very well remember the absolutely awesome first installments before ZSP went on hiatus…and now, the masters of the weird are back. The list of guest authors makes me drool: Steven Helt (and the Horsemen), Monica Marlowe, Ben McFarland, Sarah Madsen, Mike Welham, Todd Stewart, Liz Courts, David Schwartz, John Bennett, Shawn Merwin, Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, Clinton Boomer, Wolfgang Baur, and Scott Gable. That’s virtually a who is who of superb authors and designers! I *really* want this to happen, so please, take a look here!


The Lost Lands: The Blight – Richard Pett’s Crooked City (for Pathfinder, S&W and in pdf, for 5e, with 5e-print being a stretchgoal) by Frog God Games:


A book that transcends the legendary Slumbering Tsar in scope. The most massive city sourcebook/AP ever devised…from the twisted mind of none other than demented mastermind Richard Pett, with the Frog God crew of brilliant minds like Matt Finch, Bill Webb and Greg Vaughan backing the book up…what can go wrong? Sister Blight may very well become the defining book of the whole system, at least for me – what I’ve read so far made me drool and gibber with anticipation…and this moloch is slowly lurching onwards to be born. The massive campaign still has 30 days to run its course…and you should make room in your budget for this vast tome. I literally can’t imagine a book I want MORE right now. Take a look here!


As always, thank you for your support and attention,

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Daniel says:

    The Blight link is wrong, points to Faerie Ring as well.

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