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As per your request, here are some updates on current Kickstarters and Patreons I consider worth checking out!


Wardens of the Wild by TPK Games:

The goal of this book is to create an elven sourcebook unlike any other for PFRPG and 5th Edition, with a distinct focus on a culture appropriate for darker settings or those that enjoy their fantasy a bit on the unconventional side – with 4 days to go and quite a few stretchgoals squashed, this does offer a nice deal. I also happen to be a stretchgoal for this kickstarter and have something nasty planned, should I be funded, so take a look!


Aventyr Bestiary by AAW Games:

AAW Games’ monsters tend to come out on the inspiring side of things – there are actually modules by them made distinct by the utterly unique monsters. With great artwork to supplement the rules and 10 days to the goal to crush more stretchgoals, this does look pretty awesome! Oh, and you can get a free preview here!


Path of Iron by Ascension Games:

Christopher Moore’s Ascension Games came right out of nowhere to produce perhaps one of the most impressive first offering crunch-books I’ve ever seen with Path of Shadows. Now, he is gunning for an even bigger book with Path of Iron, which is intended to cover traps, constructs and rune magic. With 19 days to go, this KS is more than 50% funded and can use some support – it does sound like a worthwhile project!


Legendary Planet AP by Legendary Games:

Legendary Games needs no introduction – there are very few publishers that can stand up to the all-star team captained by Jason Nelson. Now here, we have something completely different  -an AP that tackles the wonderfully nostalgic sword & planet genre in the vein of classic pulp fantasy. If you take a look at the sheer amount of content this covers, you’ll see why I’m excited about this – and remember, the guys who write these modules belong to the cream of the crops. I also want this KS to succeed even more, mainly because it dares to be different – how many quasi-Forgotten Realms/Greyhawk-modules do we have? And how many where aliens, lasers, constructs etc. do not feel out of place? Exactly. This promises a breath of fresh air in the adventure landscape and offers a relief from exactly what so many of us have complained about – repetition. Oh, and I’ve had the fortune to take a peek behind the curtain and believe me when I tell you that ever since then, I’m even more stoked about this AP. And if you play 5th edition instead of Pathfinder, this AP has you covered as well!


As for Patreons:


Raging Swan Press’ Patreon is aiming to provide better rates for their freelancers.


Purple Duck Games is creating unique, new monsters with high quality art for you.


Interjection Games is creating unique, intelligent base-classes and crunch according to your specifications- and currently is working on a massive shadow-magic-themed expansion for the system pioneered in Edgewalker and Antipodist.


Ben McFarland, Ennie-award-winning designer, is looking for patrons of quarterly pdfs on experimental material for PFRPG and Ars Magic.


All right, that’s it for now, I better get back to reviewing!

Endzeitgeist out.


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