Kickstarter Shout-out!

Dear readers,

I wanted to draw your attention to two worthwhile kickstarters to check out! Both of them are fully funded, and created by two companies and folks I trust unconditionally:

AAW Games – Adventure Omnibus (PFRPG):

There is something to be said about nostalgia, and this kickstarter provides that galore, in that it collects the A-, B- and C-series of adventures AAW Games released for PFRPG and compiles them in sturdy, neat hardcovers. The goal of this kickstarter is to provide a snapshot in time, a look at the original versions of the by now classic books as they originally released. the series also feature quite a bunch of rather unique adventures that truly stand out. Evil real estate brokers? Check. A genius puzzle dungeon with isometric maps? Check. Some truly outstanding old-school style adventures? Check. If you’ve been missing out on AAW games’ humble beginnings and often very creative adventures, this is a great way to catch up. Oh, and stretchgoals net bonus pdfs that even the most humble backer gets! The KS will be running for 6 more days. You can check it out here!

Mythic Mania II by Legendary Games (PFRPG):

I’ll freely admit that I was not all that excited when Paizo originally released mythic rules. I liked the idea, but not all components of the implementation. It was, by necessity, too limited and required more support. Along came Legendary Games, and proceeded to fashion mythic rules into a more refined, incredibly diverse and amazing system. The sheer breadth these options offer meant that they made their way into all my PFRPG games. Whether you need an extra edge for a boss from a commercial module that you know your PCs would curbstomp, or whether you’re looking for a truly amazing high fantasy experience, Legendary Games’ mythic rules have your covered. Legendary Games, to me, have redefined mythic rules, and what monsters and adversaries should be able to do. They help keep the power-creep among player options in check, or can help you run truly amazing intricately entwined intrigues wherein players and adversaries stack smart gambits and plots atop one another, weaving tales of complex plans and combats that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  If you like true high fantasy, if you like deadly monsters and NPCs that really challenge PCs, check this out. Full disclosure: I am the lead developer of this project, and I have seen the entirety, and let it be known, I’ve been cackling with malicious glee. A LOT. I know that these books will see a ton of use at my table. The project will run for another 4 days. You can check out the project here!

All right, that’s it for now!

As always, I remain yours!

Endzeitgeist out.


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