EZG’s Top Ten of 2017

EZG’s Top Ten of 2017


Dear readers,


it’s been a long time coming, but here it is, in time for Gencon! My Top Ten list of RPG products I reviewed last year. As always, only books I actually reviewed are on the list; additionally, I should note that, more than in my regular reviews, this list reflects my personal taste. Books released 2017 that I didn’t cover in time automatically qualify for 2018’s list.


There is one catch to note: If a part of a compilation product or revision was featured on a previous list, it is disqualified from featuring on the list once more.


All right, without further ado, let’s get it on!


Honorable Mentions:


Fantastic Heroes & Witchery by DOM Publishing:

This rules-set allows you to seamlessly bridge OSR and d20/PFRPG-gameplay and is just brilliant in a ton of different ways. That being said, I chose against including this one, mainly because it has been released a couple of years ago. Still, if that sounds intriguing to you, then check this out!


You can get it here!


Aethera Campaign Setting by Encounter Table Publishing/Legendary Games

I love this setting to bits. It’s creative, inspired and gorgeous. I adore the world-building, story, etc., and there needs to be more Aethera! The only reason this narrowly missed the list, was that I wasn’t as intrigued by the archetypes as by the races and other rules. Considering that this was Encounter Table Publishing’s first book, we can expect great things!


You can get it here!


#10: The Gamemaster’s Guide to Kaidan by Rite Publishing

I’ll freely admit to this being my most disputable of choices; choosing “The Long Walk: Life on the Grand Stair” here would have probably made more sense for many folks. However, I can’t help myself. I adore the singular vision this book champions, the courage to say no, the down-to-earth aesthetics. And I’m a huge fan of the Japanese Kaidan tradition, so yeah…this is very much one of my favorite books this year. Not because of crunch, but because of the purity of its vision.


You can get it here!


#9: FAITH – The Scifi RPG 2.0 by Burning Games

This book sports the single most intriguing scifi campaign setting I have read in ages; the world-building is master-class and even if you’re not at all interested in the game, there are still more than 300 pages of amazing prose, cultures and inspired ideas. One of the most interesting campaign settings I’ve ever read.


You can get it here!


#8: Psionics Augmented: Empath by Dreamscarred Press

The single coolest archetype I have read in ages, the empath redefined what I dare to hope for from an archetype, all while oozing flavor and panache galore. It is inspired in the best of ways.


You can get it here!


#7: Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons by Echelon Game Design


I am rarely this surprised by a file – while geared towards PFRPG, this humble file allowed me to think about pantheon creation in a whole new way, speeding up the process in a brilliant and concise manner. Truly, a must-have for any aspiring world-builder.


You can get it here!


#6: Ultimate Factions by Legendary Games

This humble little book allows for the seamless, inspired transition from kingdom building to the personal and back up, acting as a brilliant bridge between subsystems. A masterpiece of clear, easy to grasp and fun design, which also helps you play wholly new storylines.


You can get it here!


#5: Grimoire of Lost Souls by Radiance House

The Ultimate Psionics equivalent of Pact Magic, this tome can carry whole campaigns. Creative, full of great flavor and oozing passion and cool ideas, the Grimoire is an amazing supplement that further cements Pact magic as one of the coolest alternate systems out there.


You can get it here!


#4: Wraith Wright’s The Comprehensive Equipment Manual (5e) by Wraith Wright/DM’s Guild

If there is ONE book I’d consider to be non-optional for 5e, it’d be this one – expanding equipment by an exponential amount, this treasure trove of a tome collates and expands information in an inspired manner, provided a staggering wealth of rules with precise and fun effects. Oh, and it’s well-cared for, expanding to account for system developments!


You can get it here!


#3: Be Awesome At Dungeon Design (system neutral) by Raging Swan Press

A massive, super-useful, well-written guide that truly helps you design better dungeons, Creighton Broadhurst delivers one of the most concisely-written, extensive GM-advice books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.


You can get it here!


#2: Spheres of Might by Drop Dead Studios

A masterpiece of design, this tome makes playing martial and non-magical characters infinitely more exciting and compelling. It is complex, fun and truly inspired – if anything, I wished it had been released years ago. Few books have made me smile so much – whether you like far-out or down-to-earth combat, this delivers. A masterpiece.


You can get it here!


#1: Skill Challenge Handbook by Everyman Gaming

Okay, who was genuinely surprised by this choice? The Skill Challenge Handbook is a masterpiece in pretty much every conceivable way, and I wholeheartedly believe that PF 2.0 would greatly benefit from taking a look at this masterpiece. If you even remotely like any d20-based game, this is worth getting. Perhaps the most essential 3pp-book I know, this enriches any game.


You can get it here!


And that’s it – congratulations to the winners and everyone who even made the list for being a candidate! This year’s been a tough year indeed, with truly glorious releases! Here’s to 2018 being just as awesome!


If you enjoy what I’m doing, please consider supporting my patreon here. Every little bit helps to keep the lights on!


Endzeitgeist out.


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