Everyman Minis: More Unchained Bard Masterpieces (Revised Edition)

Everyman Minis: More Unchained Bard Masterpieces (Revised Edition)

The second Everyman Mini that features new masterpieces for the potent Unchained Bard clocks in at 7 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page introduction (not featuring the glyph-key this time around, but that’s a minor comfort detriment. Still, there’d be enough space… – but hey, the masterpiece write-ups feature the pretty self-explanatory glyphs), 2 pages of SRD, leaving us with 2 pages of content, so let’s take a look! In case you were wondering, btw.: This Everyman Mini is exclusively available as part of the Klickstarter-bundle.


We start off with two new 1st level masterpieces, the first of which would be the Dance of Infinite Steps for the muse, you guessed it, dance. This one nets you the performance bonus as a dodge bonus to AC and as a penalty to atk rolls, as well as 50% spell failure chance with verbal spells; accompaniment makes this significantly better, allowing for the double bonus, no penalty, and no spell failure chance. The second masterpiece would be the Thunderous March, which is associated with the muses dance, percussion, sing and wind instruments. This one nets all allies an additional +1/2 bard level sonic damage with weapon attacks, and if you trigger the use yourself, it’s instead +1d6 sonic damage, + 1d6 sonic damage for every 3 bard levels. Very cool: The masterpiece now blends the accompaniment class feature with the number of times it can be triggered per round. Huge kudos for this change!


At 3rd level, we have 2 masterpieces as well; the Anthem of Illumination, which is a 40-ft.-radius emanation and may be used with any muse. This one generates light, and may suppress darkness-effects, with accompaniment etc. allowing the masterpiece to dispel darkness and even count as sunlight. Distracting Drone has a range of 60 ft. and is available for any muse, providing a debuff and a chance to fail spells and SPs. Nice!


The book features 3 7th-level masterpieces, the first of which is Clamor of Spirits, available for any muse. This one generates a cylinder, somewhat flame strike-y, which causes damage based on muse Perform ranks, which is clever. The damage type selection is also pretty nice, including the 4 base energy types, the 3 physical damage types and sonic, and sourcing the second half of the damage directly from a divine power. I like the options to unleash more columns and have the energy “stick” to targets.


Requiem for the Sovereign is a masterpiece for the muses oratory and sing. This one grants an ally within 60 feet a move action that must be used for moving, stowing an item or retrieving it; with accompaniment, you can instead grant a move or swift action that may be used however you want. For three activations, we add standard action to that. While this is still VERY potent, it is more limited than before and up to the level where I consider it to be something that does not necessarily break the game due to the investment required.


Symphony of Elven Ascension is associated with the percussion and wind muses. It lets you choose from a list of conditions and descriptors and grant rerolls. As far as 11th level masterpieces are concerned, we have two: The Requiem for the Banshee thankfully is not insta-kill or the like – it bestows negative levels, which can be made permanent via accompaniment. Reviving Reveille is for all muses and heals allies, with the option to breath of life them. The 15th level masterpiece, Inspired Action, is for the muses oratory and sing. It lets you choose an ally within 60 ft. This ally gets a standard, a move, or a swift action as an immediate action. This is super strong, but now has a caveat that makes the ally exhausted and staggered for a round, then fatigued afterwards, and the ally can’t be affected more than once per 24 hours. This still lets you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, but it’s no longer broken.



Editing and formatting on a formal and rules-language level have been perfectly fixed WITHIN A DAY. This is how it’s done!! Layout adheres to the series’ two-column full-color standard, and the pdf has a nice artwork. The pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none.


See, and this is why I cherish Alexander Augunas’ Everybody Games so much – the first iteration David N. Ross’ unchained bard masterpieces was a very flawed little pdf. And BAM, with a few skilled touches, we suddenly have a glorious expansion worthy of the unchained bard! This is customer-friendly, it shows a genuine desire to make things right and do the honorable thing. The revised edition gets the full 5 stars, for quite a few of these revised masterpieces allow for awesome gambits sans breaking the game. Highly recommended!!


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