Where are today’s reviews/happy holidays!

Dear readers!


You may be asking yourselves: Where are today’s reviews? Usually, I crank out some really big ones before the holidays. The short version is: I have a bunch of big ones ALMOST done, but the fallout of the horror-week, where every single day screwed me over, sends still ripples through my usual, careful time-management that pushed some aspects back.


As always, the holidays are a busy time IRL and the fact that the 31st is my anniversary with my significant other further complicates this, as does one of my best friends celebrating his birthday on the 27th. To cut a long ramble short: I am trying my hardest to get some of the promised reviews I scheduled originally for this week done before the year’s over, but for the remainder of the year, until ~6th of January, I am frankly not sure how much time I can assign to working on these.


You will see reviews, mind you – just not yet sure when, where and how many. January certainly has several damn cool books coming up and my pace will continue to be frantic, considering the big books I managed to complete/almost complete this month.


That organizational part out of the way:


Dear readers, and in particular, dear patreons!

It is my most humble wish that these holidays, no matter which belief or lack thereof you subscribe to, provide nothing but joy, serenity and serendipity for you and yours; I hope that those dice roll in your favor; that you’ll spend the holidays in the manner most enjoyable for you and yours. To everyone capable of enjoying these days, I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that you’ll be able to maintain this wondrous feeling of warmth and joy for the days to come!


More than that, though, my thoughts go out to all of you who, even in this joyous time, are suffering in one capacity or another. Rest assured that you are NOT alone.No matter how bleak a day may look, no matter how heavy one’s bones may feel in the morning.

This is not me just offering compassion – this is my firm conviction that accompanies every single, bad day: There will be better days and as trying as these times may be for some of us, there will be better years ahead. This wheel in the sky will keep turning.


As long as one of our dice is still rolling, as long as one screen’s standing and as long as there’s someone, somewhere, filling a char-sheet, we never are truly alone. There will always be people who can relate and not a day goes by where I do not feel privileged for the amazing joy the hobby has provided for me and those whose lives I, hopefully, touched in some positive manner.  I certainly know that, from my dear departed friends Joshua Gullion and Steven D. Russell, to the vast amount of amazing people who came together on my behalf this year (you know who you are!) and to those I met…I am blessed to know so many intelligent, amazing folks. The world is a better place for having you all in it, for bearing the trail you leave in this ball of water and dust.


So yeah…see you around! Happy whatever-you-are-celebrating-or-not-celebrating! I better use the rest of my concentration to prepare the missing reviews…expect to see some hit site during the holidays.


I remain, gratefully yours,

Endzeitgeist out.


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