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Something Stinks in Stilton (OSR) (Patreon Request)

Something Stinks in Stilton (OSR) This module clocks in at 29 pages (laid out in 6’’ by 9’’/A5), already not accounting for front cover, editorial, etc.   This review was moved up in my reviewing queue at the indirect request of my patreon supporters  – more on that below. My review is based on the softcover version, which is a...


Narcosa (OSR)

Narcosa (OSR) This massive book clocks in at 108 pages, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of ToC, 1 page weird glyphs, leaving us with 104 pages of content. The full-color cover artwork is included as a jpg and the scale-less map is also included thus. I own the softcover print version of this book, which sports the map as a...