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The Northlands Saga Complete

The Northlands Saga Complete #2 of my Top Ten of 2016 This GIGANTIC tome clocks in at 795 pages if you take away editorial, ToC, etc.. No, that is NOT a typo. While I was a backer of the kickstarter that made this book, I was in no way involved in the production of this epic tome.   All right,...


The Long Night of Winter: The Drowned Maiden (PFRPG/OSR)

The Long Night of Winter: The Drowned Maiden (PFRPG/OSR) The series “The Long Night of Winter” was conceived as supplemental material/optional tie-ins for the massive Northlands Saga, but each of the modules can be run as a stand-alone module as well. I backed the kickstarter for Northlands Saga back in the day, but otherwise was not involved in this project....


Northlands Saga Player’s Guide (PFRPG/OSR)

Northlands Saga Player’s Guide (PFRPG/OSR) This Player’s guide for the massive Northlands Saga Player’s Guide clocks in at 50 pages if you ignore SRD, advertisement, editorial, etc. My review is based on the dead tree version, which comes as a nice softcover. I was a backer of the Northlands Saga kickstarter, but other than that not involved in any way...