Patreon Update 04/19

Dear readers,

as some of you know, I’ve been pretty busy – between my health issues, the start of the new semester here in Germany and my other commitments, I was pretty hard-pressed to provide material for you. While I did not manage to get everything done that I ideally wanted to, there is quite a big list of material that I did manage to complete:

Lamentations of the Flame Princess – Fuck for Satan (OSR)

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Package – Air

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres Apocrypha: Nature Talents – Metal, Plant, Water

Raging Swan Press – Monstrous Lair: Cultist’s Hidden Fane (system neutral)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Glynwyrians (SFRPG)

Drop Dead Studios – The Chronomancer’s Handbook (Patreon Request)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: More Alien Feats (SFRPG)

Drop Dead Studios – The Abjurer’s Handbook

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Dragonkin Options (SFRPG)

Fail Squad Games – Midnight Oliviah Revised (OSR)

Drop Dead Studios – Archetypes of Power

Drop Dead Studios – Items of Power (Reader Request)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Xaursi (SFRPG)

Drop Dead Studios – The Necromancer’s Handbook

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.DELUXE: Planar Scions Reforged (SFRPG)

Raging Swan Press – Campaign Backdrop: Caves & Caverns

Evil Robot Games – Galaxy Pirates: Ships – Eldred Heavy Fighter (SFRPG)

Evil Robot Games – Galaxy Pirates: Ships – Katar Fast Attack (SFRPG)

Goodman Games – Emirikol was framed! (DCC) (Patreon Request)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Rougarous (SFRPG)

Lost Spheres Publishing – Classes of the Lost Spheres: Echo

Expeditious Retreat Press – Advanced Adventures: The Obsidian Sands of Syncrates (OSR) (Patreon Request)

Rogue Genius Games – Starfarer’s Codex: Horrifically Overpowered Feats (SFRPG)

Necrotic Gnome Productions – Wormskin #5 (OSR)

Everyman Gaming – Occult Skill Guide: Classic Corruptions (SFRPG) (Priority Review)

Mystic Bull Games – Pulp Weird Encounters 1: Tomb Of The Squonk & The Silent Army (DCC)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Borai Options (SFRPG)

Zenith Games – 101 Spells for the Common Man

Fat Goblin Games – Vs. Stranger Stuff Season 2: So You’re A Teenage Witch (VsM Engine) (Priority Review)

Fail Squad Games – Roadside Respite (OSR)

Evil Robot Games – Galaxy Pirates: Ships – Katar Light Cruiser (SFRPG)

Rite Publishing – 101 Aquatic Spells (Priority Review)

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres Apocrypha: Light Talents

Legendary Games – Mythic Feats: Wilderness Feats (Patreon Request)

Everyman Gaming – Occult Skill Guide: Cloning Ritual (SFRPG) (Priority Review)

Knight Owl Publishing – The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia (OSR)

Knight Owl Publishing – The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia – Vivimancer Edition (OSR)

Raging Swan Press – Monstrous Lair: Smugglers’ Hidden Den (system neutral)

Interjection Games – Ultimate Onmyōdō (Patreon Request)

Fail Squad Games – Crypt on Keeper Hill (5e)

Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Weapon Fusions (SFRPG)

Pyromaniac Press/DM’s Guild – Death on Doom’s Reach – The Shroud of Orcus I (5e) (Priority Review)

Legendary Games – Legendary Fighters (Priority Review)

Hydra Cooperative – What Ho, Frog Demons! (OSR)

Considering the length and density of quite a lot of them, I’m pretty happy! 😀
I’d like to thank all my patreon supporters for their kindness and generosity. They’re what keeps this thing going!

That being said, I know that some of you are waiting for more Falkenstein, and the reviews are coming! From the remainder of LG’s mythic plugins to Legendary Magus, there are quite a few big books in the pipe-line, and my plan is to (mostly) finish the PF 1’s content until Gencon – we’ll see how far I’ll get!

Now, I’ll be following Owen’s Law: If you’ve been enjoying my reviews, please consider supporting my patreon here. (Or directly donate via paypal here!) All the time I invest in this reviewing gig is validated and made possible in the first place by the support I receive there; it’s literally what’s keeping the lights on around here. Don’t get me wrong: I love what I’m doing, and I won’t stop. This isn’t a threat of anything like that. However, right now, the time investment required for this amount of content makes it VERY hard to justify going on. As things are standing right now, I will be forced to decrease the frequency of the review output I can provide in the not-all-too-distant future- I need to pay the bills, after all!

Anyways, that’s it from yours truly for now,

Endzeitgeist out.


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