Last Call for the What Lies Beyond Reason KS!

Dear readers!


Pyromaniac Press provides quality adventures with great art and maps, and more importantly, a great story that oozes passion; the What Lies Beyond Reason AP started off slow, but deliberately so – the establishing adventures have created a glorious set-up, which proceeded to reap the benefits of this decision, culminating in a truly outstanding finale for the first act of the AP, more than worthwhile for both PFRPG and the 5e-iterations.


That being said, the author Micah Watt may be a great author, but he is not too good at self-promotion. We all know how competitive KS can be and with a lot of big, flashy kickstarters vying for attention, this one looks like it has fallen, undeservedly so, between the virtual cracks of the internet. As a consequence, the Kickstarter for the second part of his AP is 80% funded, with only 56 hours to go. The possibility of this funding is rather high, but the KS needs your support.


Why should you check out the KS? Well, beyond the option to back it and gain the modules released so far at a serious discount, the KS also provides an EXCLUSIVE module for backers.


Why am I posting this? Because I really want to see the AP continue. Because it has a narrative voice that is completely different from what other publishers provide.


So yeah, if you’re interested in the AP, please take a look at it here on KS!


Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Micah says:

    Huge thanks for the shoutout Thilo.

    We made funding so we are going ahead!

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