Anti-Sisyphus Issue Infinite (system neutral) (priority review)

Anti-Sisyphus Issue Infinite (system neutral)

This is an 11-page pdf, 1 page front cover, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 9 pages, all with a red-brown background.


This review was moved up in my reviewing queue due to “all Anti-Sisyphus” material being requested; now, there are more “unofficial” remixes of Anti-Sisyphus than this, but this supplement actually uses the non-remixed name, in spite of being not a part of the main-line of supplements. It is essentially a 3pp Anti-Sisyphus, which is, as a fact, inordinately funny to me.


The first page features a brief quote from Wittgenstein’s Philosophische Untersuchungen regarding language-games (taken out of context, big time) followed by the following text:


Anyone can be a game designer. It only takes a bit

of imagination. Here, to help you:


15 blank pages where you can write your own

antisisyphian thoughts on design.


Maybe draw some pictures.


Fill out some lore, or faction interactions.


The rest of this is up to you, Dear Reader.


That’s it. The remainder of the pdf would be blank pages. You can claim one of the countless community copies for free…or you can buy this for $50 USD. Sure, basically unlimited community copies make this available for everyone. Buuuut.

When I actually purchased this, I did so for $20 USD, the price then provided for those who did not want to take away a community copy from those that need them. Yeah. I was not a happy camper.

Perhaps this has the function of bloating the price of sales-bundles? Not sure.


Either way: Slow clap.


Well-played, Micah Anderson. (The author’s other offerings are actually worthwhile, just fyi!)


Suffice to say, this pdf is useless and a “funny” troll, I guess. For the regular fellow who stumbles across this and actually purchases it, it constitutes a slap in the face.

I don’t get the joke?

Well, I paid for it, because I always want to support designers; I’ve been dirt poor. I know how it is, and rpg designers work hard. I don’t want to take a community copy from someone who’s poorer than me. So I shelled out money…for a joke.


I might not be the only one who had this experience. This is a useless pdf, and not funny. I’d rather recommend getting the omnibus; it’s genuinely funny, and while it’s not for me, I can see some people really getting something out of it.


1 star.


You can get a community copy or purchase this here on!


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Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. Axes & Orcs says:

    Huh. Weird. When I bought this it was only $7.50.

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