Mar 222019
Preview: Winter's Daughter (5e/OSR)

Preview: Winter’s Daughter (5e/OSR) NOTE: This is not a review in the traditional sense – it is a developer’s commentary, a preview of sorts. I try to be as SPOILER-free as possible below, but I do mention some themes and design paradigms employed. So, I worked on the latest Dolmenwood adventure, “Winter’s Daughter“ – an […]

May 282018
Mini-Dungeon Tome

Mini-Dungeon Tome This massive compilation and expansion of AAW Games‘ beloved Mini-Dungeon-series clocks in at 322 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial,2 pages of ToC, 4 pages of KS-backer-thanks (including a heart-warming “Thank you note from Jonathan G. Nelson, 1 page SRD, 1 page of advertisement, leaving us with a mighty 312 pages […]

Aug 212017
Places of Power: Oleander's Sanctuary (PFRPG/5e/SNE)

Places of Power: Oleander’s Sanctuary (PFRPG/5e/SNE)   Hej everyone!   I got the chance to contribute to Raging Swan Press‘s impressive Places of Power-series and my little installment, “Oleander’s Sanctuary,” has just hit sites!   So, what is this little booklet about? Well, let me ramble a second. Animal companions have been a tried and […]

Jul 182014
EZG reviews Rise of the Drow

Rise of the Drow This massive tome of a module is 494 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page designer signatures, 1 blank page inside front cover, 1 page editorial, 5 pages ToC,2 pages of SRD, 2 pages of backer-lists, 12 pages of advertisements (all in the back), 1 page back cover, leaving us […]

Mar 182013

The supermarkets are the whorehouses of our time where women buy, shamelessly their milk – it’s soy all proper, of course, no sin where they sell lime, and seek to catch a passing stranger’s smile, all coy.   But any scrutiny reveals the toll of the age, where conventionalized necessity dictates that soulless eyes and […]