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EZG Essentials Part II

Hej everyone!   Since my first EZG Essentials-post received a lot of positive feedback, here is the second part! Last time I discussed all the pdfs I consider ABSOLUTELY required for all players, i.e. the pdfs that every player at my table NEEDS to have read in order to draw maximum enjoyment from my sessions. This time, I’ll take a...


EZG Essentials Part I

Hej everybody,   and now for something completely different!   We all know the deal – sometimes players have to leave and sometimes, new ones join the fray. In my case, this means they have reading to do – A LOT of it. I’m not just using Paizo’s material, as you all know, but copious amounts of 3pp-stuff as well....


EZG’s Congratulations to the Pathmaster-authors

Dear authors of the Pathmaster modules,   You universally have managed to impress me with your offerings to the point where I hope to see more of them – while judging the contest, I honestly did not expect ALL of you managing to cram your often ambitious pitches into the scant few pages allotted.   You did it. Whoever wins,...