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on the Paizo-boards, some people asked me to note some reviewers I have read and consider to write reviews that bring up valid points. Now, you should note that my own opinions on a product may differ wildly from the following people, but I do respect their work and figured they could use a shout-out that acknowledges the good work they do!

I am only including people who have been active recently and have not expressed (at least, to my knowledge) a fatigue regarding reviews. This means I have to exclude e.g. Gozuja, Dark_Mistress and my friend Joshua Gullion (KTFish7, R.I.P. – still miss you…) This list is not comprehensive and I’ll definitely provide more in the future. To get to the collected reviews of a given person, just click on the names!


First of all would, unsurprisingly, be the very prolific  Malwing, who is nearing his #100th review – while we often differ in what we like or dislike in a product, I value the feedback Mal’s reviews provide and consider the contribution to the community top-notch! Keep at it! 🙂


The closest contender to this, to my knowledge, would be Eric Hinkle, whose well-rounded reviews I tend to enjoy – with only 2 reviews behind Mal, Eric has written a lot of informative reviews.


Michael Sayre, (aka Sslarn) is not only a talented designer, he has also written quite a few well-reasoned, neat reviews!


Now Julian Neale has recently started a thread asking for reviews of 3pp-products on the Paizo-boards (which also contains some nice advice for new reviewers!) – this thread has spawned quite a few neat reviews. Hence, here is a list of “new” reviewers in no particular order by the following ladies and gentlemen: 137Ben, Andrew Boucher 88, Adam B. 135, Chemlak, Cuuniyevo, El Ronza, Oliver Volland, Sethvir.


My hat’s off to anyone writing a well-reasoned, balanced and analytical review, especially when writing one that is less than superb – from personal experience, I know all too well how writing bad reviews can leave one feel unsatisfied, so double kudos for doing so, especially when you provide valid reasons for your verdict.


Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely hope you’ll continue providing your feedback! Consider this post to be my bow to you all and be sure to tell me once you hit your #100 and I’ll provide a little something for you to celebrate! 🙂


All the best,


Endzeitgeist out.





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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Based Malwing getting the shout out he deserves!

    Also pleasantly surprised to see myself and my twin getting mentions. Makes me wanna get down to my review backlog and give Lords of the Night and The Guru the reviews they deserve.

    • Thilo Graf says:

      Malwing is an awesome reviewer who really helps the community, so yeah, it was high time he got the shout-out. 🙂

      Ohh, and you have mentioned two of the big crunch books I’m currently playtesting -Akashic Mysteries-classes are an insane amount of work to get right… So I better get back to it!

      Thanks for commenting, I hope a 3pp or 2 contact some of you for more reviews. 🙂


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