Snow-White Mini-Dungeon: The Spirit Bottle

Snow-White Mini-Dungeon: The Spirit Bottle


This pdf clocks in at 2 pages and is a mini-dungeon. This means we get 2 pages content, including a solid map (alas, sans player-friendly version) and all item/monster-stats hyperlinked to’s shop and thus, absent from the pdf, with only deviations from the statblocks being noted for the GM.


Since this product line’s goal is providing short diversions, side-quest dungeons etc., I will not expect mind-shattering revelations, massive plots or particularly smart or detailed depictions, instead tackling the line for what it is. This is one of the optional expansions for AAW Games’ superb Snow-White mega-adventure and thus has a certain fairy-tale-flair and can easily added into the superb mega-module.

Got that? Great!


This being an adventure-review, the following contains SPOILERS. Potential players may wish to jump to the conclusion.



Still here?

All right!

This is not your usual mini-dungeon: See, the spirit bottle is pretty much the worst tavern you can find yourself in: Owned by a night-hag, the PCs will have to visit this place…and when the current patrons, a derro, doppelganger and barghest (I know there’s a good joke in this constellation…) aren’t ample clue – yes, this is a dangerous assignment. So basically, the PCs can do this the Diplomatic or…more combative way – and they both have their challenges. Oh, and the pdf sports a table of 8 weird spirit-bottles with different magic effects, entries for how they look…and immediate reactions upon opening them…some of which can get ugly very fast…



Editing and formatting are very good, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to a beautiful 2-column full-color standard and the pdf comes sans bookmarks, but needs none at this length. Cartography is full color and surprisingly good for such an inexpensive pdf, but there is no key-less version of the map to print out and hand to your players.


Stephen Yeardley is a wizard of mini-dungeons. Whenever I think he’s done all you can do with the limited space, the limited word-count, he pulls off these amazing stunts. This is a glorious set-piece and could easily become either a one-shot or a permanent campaign-fixture to the evil underbelly of fantastic society. Absolutely awesome in every regard…and better yet, FREE. This would be 5 stars + seal of approval even sans being FREE. It’s free, though, so don’t hesitate, get this beauty NOW!


You can get this awesome mini-dungeon for FREE here on OBS!


Endzeitgeist out.


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