On Pathfinder 2.0 and whether I’ll playtest it

Dear readers,


from what I’ve heard of the playtests so far, Pathfinder 2.0 could become a phenomenal game, and personally, I’m stoked for it!


Now, a couple of people have approached me and asked me whether I’ll cover PF 2.0 when it hits sites – the answer to that question, obviously, is a resounding “YES!”


Heck yes, I will cover PFRPG 2.0. Come any of the 9 hells or cthulhoid high water, even if it’s full of eye-studded tentacles, I will most assuredly cover Pathfinder 2.0 material!


Just like I’m covering Starfinder, 5e, DCC, OSR-material and anything else that strikes my fancy or that is requested by my amazing patreons.


I love doing what I’m doing and reviewing brings honest joy to my heart. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sinking at least 6-8 hours a day into this whole reviewing enterprise and instead get a second job. It’d frankly pay better, but I love doing this. I treat reviewing as a proper job, and anyone who has ever attempted to maintain a constant review-output can attest to the level of commitment and discipline it takes.


My goals are to help both consumers to make an informed choice and designers/publishers to improve, all while doing my utmost to remain unbiased (and yes, this has forced me to say goodbye to more than one “friendship” in the industry) and this, my integrity, will always be my top priority. This is both a question of logic and morals: Even if my ardent sense of justice and ethics wouldn’t prevent me from being compromised, I have frankly spent too much time, effort, blood and tears to jeopardize the foundation of my worth to the industry and community.


A second question pertaining PF 2.0 popped up recently; multiple times, in fact: Namely, whether I’d be participating in the PF 2.0 playtest.

Now that is a completely different kind of thing. While I have participated in closed playtests of systems, they require, obviously, that one focuses solely on the new system for the session in question.


This, consequently means a significant expenditure of time, and frankly, I invest as much of my time in the site and my service to the community as I possibly can with my current level of support received. Adding the time for playtesting to this significant time-investment I already allocate, while something I’d like to do, is currently simply not financially feasible.


Hence, I responded that, as of right now, I wouldn’t participate. As anyone can attest to, I tend to be rather in-depth, and a playtest of PF 2.0 that adheres to my standards would point out strengths and potential weaknesses of the system, inconsistencies, angles for cool options to develop, etc. – that takes time I can’t justify to spend for free.


However, there seems to be a reasonable demand that I take a look at the system and participate in the playtest; to the, quite frankly, humbling point where a GoFundMe was started (not by me, mind you, but by good folks who honestly believe that the system would benefit from my insight!) to provide the funding for the additional time that participation in the playtest would require.


Now, I did not ask for this project, but I am obviously both grateful and very interested in where it goes.

If this project funds, I’ll provide detailed posts on the playtest as it progresses, sharing whatever insight I can provide. If it doesn’t fund, that’s fine as well – the situation will be pretty much like for 5e and SFRPG. It’ll take me a while, but I’ll certainly get the finished PF 2.0 system, analyze it and start reviewing products released for it – I just won’t be providing an analysis of the system or of its playtest. Again, just like I didn’t review or provide an in-depth discussion of 5e or SFRPG.


So, if you want to support my reviews, you can do so here, on patreon. In the long run, that’s what keeps this site going, and the reviews flowing. *cue mandatory Dune-reference*


If you are interested in seeing me participate in the PF 2.0 playtest, and/or if you believe that I can provide insight that would be valuable for you as a customer, designer, or publisher for the upcoming game, then take a look at the GoFundMe here.


Thank you for your attention.

Endzeitgeist out.


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  1. If anyone in this universe deserves to become a (highly) paid consultant for Pathfinder 2e, it’s you, hoss! God willing, you can give them some much-needed advice.

    Obviously, I’m not into crunch or too many rules, but even “advanced” systems could learn a thing or two from the OSR – just like 5th edition D&D.

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