EZG reviews Urban Dressing: Thieves

Urban Dressing: Thieves


This installment of RSP’s Urban Dressing-series is 15 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page advertisement, 1 page editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover, leaving us with 10 pages of content, so let’s take a look!


Every city needs its conmen and scoundrels and this pdf delivers fluffy portrayals of these rogues for DMs to pursue – the first table providing more than 30 entries of NPC-names (including one little note on classes/combinations), each of which offers not only a name, but also a modus operandi these pickpockets and conmen use to try to relieve poor commoners (or even PCs) of their hard-earned gold!  From meat-cleaver carrying lock-breakers to thieves targeting beggars (despicable…) or street magicians – quite a bunch of nice options waiting here to fill the cells of the local watch…or the gallows.


15 different thus are included in the next table, men for the tough jobs, when folks need intimidation or the loss of a finger, toe or similar easily misplaced part of the body. Mute hunters of tongues, halflings that awake you with a blade to your throat, sling-using dwarves – an interesting assortment of men and women of violent tempers. The third table offers an even wider selection of skilled thieves – A total of 33 characters with PC-races and various experience-levels: 4-fingered pickpockets, specialists in providing boltholes and all the other specialists a guild may require are here for the introduction into your game and the building of their respective statblocks. Neat and thoroughly iconic! Speaking of specialists – a total of 15 additional entries provide a true assortment of specialists – from cat-burglars to clean-up men – here are the true specialists!


We also get 4 statblocks for generic thieves, ranging from CR 1/4 urchins to CR 3 Bruisers and close the pdf with a massive table of 50 entries providing further complications for encounters with and around thieves, rounding out this pdf rather well – after all, the masked guy that has just traversed the wall may actually be who he claims- the god of thieves…



Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice any glitches. Layout adheres to RSP’s 2-column full-color standard and the one-page piece of stock art works well in the context of the supplement. The pdf comes fully bookmarked for your convenience and arrives on your HD in two versions, one intended for screen use and one for the printer.


Designer Josh Vogt provides a DM’s dream – if you ever needed to create a compelling, functional thieves’ guild or criminal underworld, you’ll realize how much consideration and time it may take, and while you’ll still have to do the statblocks for non rank-and-file thugs, this pdf does all the rest for you: The specialists etc. are glorious and demand being inserted into the seedy underbellies of your campaign – all fluff and glorious ideas, with some nice basic stats thrown in the mix, this supplement is a joy to read and thankfully very versatile – this is a load of work off any DM’s back and actually inspiring. Well, this pdf is damn close to perfection, but honestly, I would have enjoyed a short tie-in with Ultimate Campaign or a sample cost of some operations/guildhouses (just rooms + costs). I’m complaining at a high level here, though – this is damn close to being perfect and is simply more varied than the book on the watch – hence my final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 for the purpose of this platform.

You can get this supplement here on OBS and here on d20pfsrd.com’s shop!

Endzeitgeist out.


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