Dear patreons, dear readers!


I wish each and every one of you fine folk happy holidays! May the dice always bestow good luck on you and may the stories you weave be exciting and fun!


Those of you who enjoy this time of the year: May this year bring you joy galore amidst your favorite beings!


However, those of you, who, like me, have rather ambiguous feelings towards the holidays: Do not let this time of the year get you down! You *ARE* cherished and you *DO* matter! Rest assured that I’ll be toasting to your health and a new year full of opportunities and good memories!


I’m not yet sure whether I’ll be able to post new reviews during the holidays, since my RL-program is pretty much FULL…but I’ll try. 😉


As a bit of a teaser: January will be the month of the Frog God – I’ll be covering a lot of big books by the Frogs! I’ll tell you about the world of Uteria and the Suzerain Continuum and obviously dive head first into several truly crunchy supplements! From Shattered Heart to Darkwood, I’ll also be revisiting some intriguing adventure-series!


For my non-PFRPG-readers, rest assured I’ll take a trip to 3 particularly nasty islands, continue to explore 13th Age and provide some big reviews of GUMSHOE material…and a bit of 5e. I’ll see whether there’s demand for that, but, much like 13th Age, I’ll at least try whether you fine folks want me to cover the rules-system. ^^


Oh, and if you’re into the truly twisted material…2016 will see me cover Lamentations of the Flame Princess material as well as one of the biggest, most efficient horror-sandboxes I’ve seen in my whole career! There is a lot of excitement coming and I look forward to embarking further on this wonderful journey with all of you!


I hope my giddy anticipation for the things to come extends to you as well! Here’s to each and every one of you – without you, there would be no endzeitgeist.

From the bottom of my cynical, black heart: Thank you.


Endzeitgeist out.


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