Tides of War: Kineticist/X Feats

Tides of War: Kineticist/X Feats

This installment of Flying Pincushion Games’s Tides of War-series clocks in at 6 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 3 pages of content, so let’s take a look!


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After a brief introduction (with a nice full-color artwork), we move on to the feats:


-Burn Cushion: Requires mutagen. 1/day, when brewing a mutagen that would allow for a Con-bonus, you can choose to accept 1 point of burn. If you accept burn while under the influence of this specially modified mutagen, you may reduce the bonus to Constitution granted by the mutagen by 2. I *assume* each such reduction only covers 1 point of burn; RAW it can be read as applying to ALL burn you’d accept. Limits on burn per round still apply.


-Burst Protection: Accept one point of burn when channeling energy to bestow the effects of the defensive wild talent to all creatures affected by the channel until the start of your next round. Cool!


-Hex Kinesis: Choose one single-target hex that can affect a living creature. When you successfully hit with a simple or composite blast against a single target (nice catch!), you can accept 1 point of burn and reduce damage dice by one step. If you do, the hex’s effects are added to the blast. Kineticist levels stack for the purpose of hex-DC and when thus used, the save DC is governed by your Con.


-Kinetic Summons: When summoning a single creature via summon monster/nature’s ally (not properly italicized), you may accept 1 point of burn if the creature’s subtype matches your elemental focus to bestow the advanced simple template. You also use your HD as your CL. This one looks simple, but managed to avoid a whole array of pitfalls. Kudos.


-Mind Your Element: +4 competence on all Knowledge checks pertaining elemental focus. Bonus improves to +6 if you stick to the element with expanded element.


-Pool Push: If you have a pool (like ki, grit, phrenic, etc.), you can, as a free action, accept 1 point of burn to replenish one point in the pool. Hard daily cap of 1 + Con-mod prevents abuse. Nice!


-Raging Kineticist: You can accept 1 point of burn when entering rage/bloodrage. If you do, a kinetic blade forms and you use your total HD as BAB and add Strength-mod to Con-mod to damage when attacking with it. Pretty much a numerical escalation. Not the biggest fan here.


-Sheathed in Wisdom: While defensive wild talent is active, you gain resistance versus the 1st level element equal to Wisdom modifier, stacking with resistances gained from other sources. Minor nitpick: It’s electricity resistance, not “electric resistance”. (Yes, it codifies the base elements.)


-Tactical Defenses: When using tactician while the defensive wild talent is active, you may accept 1 point of burn to bestow its benefits on allies benefiting from tactician for 3 rounds. Cool!


-Wilder Talent: Choose one talent from a non-kineticist class, with usage measured in rounds or minutes or daily uses. You can accept burn for an additional usage increment. Hard cap of Con-mod times per day prevents abuse of a complex, cool and hard to get right feat. (Yes, discoveries, tricks, etc. qualify explicitly.)



Editing and formatting on a formal level are very good; not perfect, but still rather well done. Rules-language-wise, the pdf is precise and leaves nothing to be desired. Layout adheres to the 2-column full-color standard of the series and the pdf sports really nice full-color artwork – public domain though it may be, I haven’t seen these used before. Kudos! The pdf even has bookmarks, in spite of its brevity!


David S. McCrae’s multiclass kineticist feats are creative, offer a wide array of support and are interesting as a whole. I found myself enjoying quite a few of the feats herein and while not all are pure amazing, they should provide some food for thought for multiclassing characters. Considering the low and fair price-point, my final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up for the purpose of this platform. Very much worth getting for the fair cost.


You can get these nice feats here on OBS!


Endzeitgeist out.



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