Jun 142019
The Undercroft #2 (OSR)

The Undercroft #2 (OSR) The second installment of the Undercroft-zine clocks in at 21 pages (laid out in 6’’ by 9’’/A5) if you disregard front cover, editorial, etc. I own the print copy, which is stitch-bound, well-made little booklet as far as ‘zines are concerned.   Anyhow, important to know: While nominally, the content herein […]

Sep 102018
Troika! RPG (OSR)

Troika! RPG (OSR) This rules-lite RPG clocks in at 50 pages if you take away the front cover, TOC, and introduction; a simple character sheet is included in the deal. My review of this RPG system is based on the softcover print version, which is 6’’ by 9’’ (A5) in size. The cover of my […]

Jun 082018
The Undercroft #1 (OSR)

The Undercroft #1 (OSR) The first installment of this ‘zine clocks in at 26 pages, 1 page editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 24 pages of content; the electronic version also includes a 4 page cover-file, which sports 1 page front and back cover and 2 pages of maps. I do own the physical […]