Oct 292015

Dear readers!


Due to real life kicking me in the face, the reviews planned for tomorrow are *slightly* delayed and will not hit site tomorrow, as originally planned. All require one more pass and I don’t have the time for that today – I’m aware that I have commented in one form or another that they’d hit site, but I don’t have the time to search for the comments and tell the people who asked individually -sorry!

Fret not, though: I have finished reviews and they’ll hit site tomorrow!


The books affected are:

Rite Publishing – 101 Shadow and Darkness Spells

Kort’thalis Publishing – Liberation of the Demon Slayer

Pelgrane Press/Ocean Game – Fear Itself


All of these will hit site next week. I’ll be off for now, directing the second set of movies for the refugee-language-acquisition project I’m involved in. Have a great day, everyone!


Thanks for your attention!


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