Reviews are coming!

Dear patreons, dear readers!


While I expected to be busy in November, with correcting mock exams for university and writing Occult Underworld, the expansion for the Underworld Races and Class book (Available here for PFRPG and here for D&D 5e in pdf, and here for PFRPG and here for 5e in limited edition hardcovers!), I did not account for losing a whole week worth of work and time to food poisoning. I am working VERY hard to fulfill my obligations in all different fields and have pulled several all-nighters to make everything work – in fact, I am almost done with all of them.


That and the accumulation of big reviews due this month means that things will be hectic, but I’m positive, I’ll have all prioritized reviews done in time before the usual cutoff date. My current top priority list is:

-Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (Priority for Nov)

-In the Company of Giants (2nd Revision) (Priority for Nov)

-Vs. Stranger Stuff Season 2 (Easy Mode + Normal Edition) (Priority for Nov)

-The Genius Guide to Mythic Subpaths

-AL 8: Fire in the Mountain

-Villain Codex IV

-Goodman Games 2013 GenCon Program Book

-Legendary Beginning: A Feast of Flavor

-The Vikmordere Player’s Primer

-Ancestral Appellations

These will ALL hit sites next week and usual reviewing will resume.


Thank you for your patience and have a great week-end, I’m back to work!!


Endzeitgeist out.


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