Quick update

Dear readers!


I have vowed transparency to you, so there goes: I am not 100% sure I can get the following two files done before the end of the week, which is my cut-off date for April’s prioritized reviews:

Four Horsemen Present: Young Character Options

– The Flavor Handbook

I’ll try, but my workflow is significantly less smooth than I’d like it to be; my PC keeps crashing and while I have a stable backup system, when your machine crashes between 0 – 7 times a day and each crash results in having to take a break, reopen all required files, getting your train of thought back, etc., that just takes time and is frustrating, to say the least.


Additionally, I’m trying my darndest to finish a pretty big 5e-conversion job, which also eats time like crazy. The reviews you’ve seen this week are all from my backlog of finished ones for exactly these occasions, but with the crashes and pesky real life interfering, time-management is an issue: I simply didn’t expect to see the current issues and don’t have the time right now to fix them.


Tl;DR: The two reviews *may* be delayed to next week.

My most sincere apologies to the respective patrons!! *kowtows*


Endzeitgeist out.


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