On prioritized reviews and a quick update

Dear patreons, dear readers!


It has been brought to my attention that some of you may consider the way in which to designate a product as “prioritized” may seem opaque, so here’s the idea:


You contact me, tell me which product to prioritize and I’ll get it done as fast as possible.Simple as that! The easiest ways to contact me is by simple posting on patreon or using my contact tab. (The latter will net you my e-mail, so after that, you can just directly send me a mail!) If you are eligible to such a review, tell me as soon as you know in a given month – I have to schedule reading, playtesting etc. and the sooner you tell me, the earlier I’ll get to it. 🙂


This will also help me a list of prioritized reviews for your convenience. Next week will see no less than 3 such reviews, by the way:

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics

Rite Publishing – Faces of the Tarnished Souk

Savage Mojo – Palace of the Lich Queen


Declaring a review as “prioritized” means that usually, I’ll get the review done in the month the review is prioritized for. If you want me to prioritize a massive module or adventure, it may take longer, but in that case, I tell you immediately that it’ll take longer. Now products have different sizes – hence, when someone tells me to prioritize a small pdf, I try to overdeliver and provide more prioritized reviews. Conversely, huge, extremely work-intense books (we’re talking about LIC, for example) would a) take longer and I’ll work with you to determine as how many prioritized review-slots that would work. These cases, though, would be the exception.


Another question I was asked pertained to the stacking of priorities: Is it possible to have multiple patreons prioritize the same book? The answer is: No. While the high-level patrons would, of course, have a more distinct voice in such a choice, I am not a greedy man and thus, for fairnesses’ sake, I will not allow for the stacking of priorities. If one backer prioritizes a book, I will get it done as fast as possible – no need to stack. 🙂 This also has the benefit of rendering things easy and fair to track for me.


There have been questions, over the years, both by publishers and readers, whether I can publish a numbered list so one can see what’s next up. I probably won’t do that, due to some reasons:

1) Work. Maintaining a list and keeping it up-to-date costs time and I’d rather spend that time writing reviews for you. Even just generating a list and maintaining it WILL eat time…copious amounts of it.

2)Potential for conflict: My reviewing process is not linear. As anyone who has ever slaved over massive books or tables can attest, on some days, one’s concentration is just not up to certain tasks. Some days, I can’t keep numbers straight and on days like that, I don’t do math for crunch. On other days, I have a hard time reading modules and keeping the plots straight. And then there are those days, where my eyes glaze over when I look at a table – obviously not a day when I should e.g. review a Dressing-file by Raging Swan Press. So, what I do is to choose what to work on pretty much on a daily basis, trying to use my time reviewing in the most efficient manner possible. This has the added benefit of mitigating the influence of “bad days” where I’m just grumpy, as I have worked on all reviews at least on 3 days. If I posted a strict, numbered list, a countdown, so-to-speak, you could easier predict what reviews are up next, but my efficiency would suffer if I adhered to it…and if I didn’t stick to it, people will feel treated unfairly “Why have you reviewed product xyz before zyx, even though zyx is higher on the list?” So, unless you absolutely demand it, I am very reluctant to generate such a list.


That being said, feel free to ask when I’m done with product xyz and I’ll give you a general estimate! 🙂


I have tried to provide some choices for you regarding the general direction into which my reviews head over on patreon and will continue to do so! Expect to see more Vathak-reviews next week, same goes for more Raging Swan Press-products, since these two have been specifically requested. I am also currently working on the massive Lords of the Night book and teh Thunderscape Campaign Setting and the Zeitgeist AP, though these are non-prioritized as we speak and just the consensus of my patreons.


All right, if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me anywhere!

I remain yours with the best wishes you’ll have an awesome week-end,

Endzeitgeist out.


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