Patreon Update for September 2015

Dear Patreons, dear readers!


September has not been fun for me – all of you have noticed my two-week hiatus in the middle of this month – alas, it could not be avoided. I sincerely hope you still feel that I have not shirked my duties and obligations to you. I’m feeling much better, so in the end, it paid off. Still, I’ve been scrambling behind the screen to make this up to you and, in my humble opinion, I’ve achieved this goal by providing several long-anticipated reviews for you, some massive books. Indeed, if one takes a look at my output by word-count, I pretty much met my quota in spite of this handicap. I am, quite honestly, extremely proud of this, none the least since I have had to deal with a broken down car and the expensive repair of it – upon my return and first trip back to gaming, my car broke down right in the middle of an intersection. Pushing your car out of the road while cars honk at you and almost run you over is definitely an interesting experience! Then there was the 2-week issue with my e-mail, thankfully also resolved by now. So yes, September has been an exercise in getting s*it done.


So, what’s next? Well, as you may have noted, today, I’ve finally released the review of Lords of the Night, which was just an insane amount of work. This, alongside the two long-expected FGG-reviews, means I have the time to catch up with a couple of publishers…and finally get that damn Thunderscape review done. ^^

What else? Oh, the fans of 13th Age may rejoice – seeing the positive feedback, there’ll be more 13th Age reviews this month. I also will provide some reviews of certain systemless/OSR-books. I will be taking a look at the more controversial (yet still somewhat tasteful…) books out there – so not, I’m not going to showcase a certain scandalous book that provoked a recent upheaval – I’m talking about Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Kort’thalis Publishing – after all, it’s October and as such, I’ll also look at my favorite, more obscure system for horror-gaming: GUMSHOE.

Unless you explicitly tell me to, I won’t take a look at Trail of Cthulhu – the most widely known GUMSHOE-game. But the lesser-known ones? Oh yes.

Some patreons have already decided upon their prioritized review for this month. So far, the following are prioritized:

-Misfit Studios: The Adequate Commoner

-Rite Publishing: Lost in Dream (Which is a novel and may take me longer than one month, but the respective patron has been notified of this.)


Pdfs on my personal “Get done”-list contain the missing Everyman Unchained-pdfs (2 of which will see release in the very near future) and LPJr Design’s Chronicles of the Gatekeepers. AAW Games’ Dracoprimia-series and C-series will also see a catch-up – and obviously, I will continue to catch up with Legendary Games. Rite Publishing’s last 2 spellbooks are done. And now that my playtesting slots are open again, Interjection Games last two massive books will hit site once the playtest is done.

Have I forgotten something? Are you hyped for a pdf not featured? Tell me! I take the wishes of ALL patrons into account and if you’re eligible for a prioritized review, please tell me as soon as possible!

So yeah, here’s my list of reviews I finished last month – all of these reviews only exist due to YOUR generosity!

Legendary Games – Metal Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

Raging Swan Press – Alternate Dungeons: Abandoned Temple

Mike Myler/Legendary Games – Hypercorps 2099 Pathfinder Primer

Mike Myler/Legendary Games – Hypercorps 2099 Netjacker Base Class

Purple Duck Games – Heroes of Azag-Ithiel

Mike Myler/Legendary Games – Hypercorps 2099 A R.I.P.E. Investment

Mike Myler/Legendary Games – Hypercorps 2099 Hypernet

Everyman Gaming – Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirant

Legendary Games -Mythic Minis: Human Feats

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Dwarf Feats

AAW Games – Side Quests Volume I

AAW Games – Fallen Leaves Adventure Arc I: Into the White

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Unchained: Monk Archetypes

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Unchained: Monk Archetypes II

Purple Duck Games -Unchained Monk Archetypes

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Elf Feats

Lone Wanderer Entertainment – The Ferryport Adventures: The Goblins of Kaelnor Forest

Frog God Games – Quests of Doom: Adventures Worth Winning

Raging Swan Press – Town Backdrops: Wolfsbane Hollow

AAW Games – Mini Dungeons: Daenyr’s Return

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens Volume I: Phoenix Lily

Frog God Games – Sword of Air

Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: The Fragrant Tower

Rite Publishing – Threats: Secrets of the Annunaki (DICELESS)

Legendary Games – Treasury of the Crusade

AAW Games – Fallen Leaves Adventure Arc II – Into the Woods

AAW Games – Fallen Leaves Adventure Arc III – Into the Red

Eric Morton Presents – Animal Races: Clan of the Swan

Dreamscarred Press – Lords of the Night


If you enjoy my reviews, are not yet a patreon and have a buck to spare, please consider taking a look at my patreon here!

To all of my patreons, let me reiterate my gratitude for your support and kindness – it is YOU that make this work – without you, there wouldn’t be an endzeitgeist.

I take a bow and see you again tomorrow, with more reviews!


Endzeitgeist out.


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