Patreon Update June 2015

Dear Patreons, dear readers!


The month of June not only saw yet another year added to my life’s span, I also tried hard to provide a lot of very detailed, long and work-intense reviews that took a lot of time to complete, so I hope you enjoyed those!

Last month, Lords of Night was chosen by you and it is still in the process of being playtested, so please bear with me regarding this one – crunch-books of this size are serious business, especially since I can’t really combine this one with testing other books.

As always, if you have any requests for prioritized reviews you’re eligible to, please contact me via patreon, homepage or directly per e-mail – the sooner, the better and the higher is the chance I can get it done in one month!

You may have noticed that I have almost caught up with most publishers and this tendency will continue in July, with several of the big, work-intense books done. Last month also saw you deciding you want more Everyman Gaming books reviewed – and guess what, they’re almost done; same goes btw. for Fat Goblin Games-material. Expect to see them very soon.

Now, to give you an update regarding current class playtests: Next up are the Guru, Daevic and Harbinger as well as the Animist. Legendary Games’ Commander is done and awaiting publication -and yes, this beast was a lot of work – the same can btw. be said about the playtests for no less than 3 mythic paths, which have been completed as well.

I am currently wondering which of AAW Games’ Adventure-Arcs I should tackle first:

-Fallen Leaves


-Search for Lost Legacy

I am also wondering which big FGG-book to tackle first:

-Sword of Air

-Quests of Doom

Another decision for you: Which Kobold Press-book do you want me to cover first?

-Larger than Life

-Dark Deeds of Freeport

I’ve read both, but can’t decide, so please, tell me what you’d like to see!

The same holds true if you think a publisher is getting the short end of the stick, etc. – I try to provide variety, but it’s ultimately YOU who matter here!

Finally, here is the list of reviews I created thanks to YOU during the last month! Enjoy (And please note the massive array of big books!)!

So here’s my list of reviews for the month of June!

Raging Swan Press – Village Backdrops: Aldwater

Fire Mountain Games – Way of the Wicked VII: Tales of Talingarde

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker

Tricky Owlbear Publishing/Fat Goblin Games – Fantastic Fighting Styles

EN Publishing – Zeitgeist #8: Diaspora

AAW Games – AAW Blog Presents: Armory of Adventures

Purple Duck Games – Assassins of Porphyra

Kobold Press – Demon Cults: Servants of the White Ape

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Unleashed Revised

Purple Duck Games – Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Nature Warden

Interjection Games – The Ironclad: A Tinker Archetype

Fire Opal Publishing/Pelgrane Press – 13th Age Core Rules

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: The Soul of a Prince

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: Torment at Torni Tower

Raging Swan Press – Dweller Amid Bones Collector’s Edition

Misfit Studios – Bite Me! Skindancers

Raging Swan Press – Village Backdrops: Red Talon

Rite Publishing – Gossamer Worlds: Dragonhearth (Diceless)

Interjection Games – Remedial Tinkering: Happy Little Automatons

LPJr Design – Adventure Path Iconics: Lords of Undeath

Flying Pincushion Games – Into the Breach: The Cavalier

Fire Opal Publishing/Pelgrane Press – 13 True Ways

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics Publishing – Compendium Arcanum Update-Post fro Vol. 2 and 3

EN Publishing – Zeitgeist #9: The Last Starry Sky

Rite Publishing – Faces of the Tarnished Souk: An NPC Collection

Purple Duck Games – Purple Duck Storeroom: Magic Pants!

Raging Swan Press – GM’s Screen Inserts (Landscape and Portrait version)

Interjection Games – The Motebringer: An Edgewalker Archetype

Savage Mojo – Dungeonlands III: Palace of the Lich Queen

AAW Games – AAW Blog presents: Cultus Sanguineus

AAW Games – Varakt’s Halo I: The Great Pubo Hunt

AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons: The Halls of Hellfire

Kobold Press – Deep Magic


As always, I am exceedingly grateful for your generosity and patronage and remain yours truly!

Endzeitgeist out.


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6 Responses

  1. Jade Ripley says:

    Gonna toss in a gentle reminder that the Alerts system in Lords of the Night is being updated; the version of the PDF you’ve got currently has this problem of going zero-to-doom in like a week. The update is /written/, just…not…PDF’d, just yet. I’ll let’cha know when we update.

    Sorry >.>

    • Thilo Graf says:

      *strikes out 3/4 of a page of ranting in the draft*
      *puts LotN away for now*
      *sighs and gets back to other files*

      Thanks for the information, Jade.

      • Jade Ripley says:

        I’m sorry man. I did mention this when we tossed ya the doc but it’s been awhile since then. I do understand.

        Our layout person’s been grappling with illness, hence the delay.

        (Don’t kill me, I have children, take them insteaaaaad)

        • Thilo Graf says:

          No problem! It’s my own fault for forgetting that when my patreons asked for LotN. :-/

          Oh, and let me close with an un-veiled wish for a speedy recovery of your layout-guru! (see what I did there?)

          <_ <....>_>…. ._. Sorry, that one was bad…

          • Interjection Games says:

            Thilo, sometimes, you have a…

            ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

            tenebrous grasp of punning.

          • Thilo Graf says:

            You have NO IDEA. In Germany, there’s a term called “Flachwitz”, which denotes a type of joke that falls flat on its face -a groaner or face-palm joke, if you will. I am the undisputed master of those at every party. I once literally spent a whole 3-day festival of Wacken telling those in every waking hour. Oh yeah… ^^

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