Patreon Update 12/2015

Dear Patreons, dear readers!


It’s been a wonderful year – it is only due to YOUR support that I can continue to provide the reviews you expect. Since I started my patreon, I’ve been humbled beyond belief by your generosity, by your kindness and by the truly awesome people I’ve met over the course of my interaction with YOU. Beyond my obvious gratitude, what has inspired me beyond my wildest beliefs, ultimately, is the continuous reaffirmation in my interaction with you that roleplayers indeed tend to be scholars, ladies and gentlemen, people with broad horizons that manage to inspire me.


This site would no longer exist without you and you, ultimately, made reviewing more rewarding for me not just by virtue of your support, but also due to the kind interaction with me. I cannot properly express my gratitude to you all. Now, I’ve not been idle in December, in spite of the rather stressful and none too pleasant days I’ve recently had, though admittedly, I spent New Year and the associated days in a special way. So before I continue to return to the topic of roleplaying games: In the last week, just after Christmas, I took my car and went to the alps, hardcore-trekking through the clear air and steep treks through mist-shrouded forests, enjoying nature – and I’ve rarely been this invigorated by the gorgeous beauty I witnessed, by the tantalizing cold seeping in, by being alive out there. If you’re like me and stare at the screen most of your working time, if your health and circumstances allow for such a trip to the untamed areas out there, take it once in a while – it is truly invigorating.


All right, so here is the list of the reviews I completed at your behest in December 2015:


Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Gnome and Halfling Feats

Kort’thalis Publishing – Three Swordsmen (OSR)

Pyromaniac Press – What Lies Beyond Reason Player’s Guide

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Half-Orc Feats

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Orc Feats

Kobold Press – Midgard Bestiary (13th Age Compatible Version)

Amora Game – Meditations of the Lotus

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Far Eastern Racial Feats

Kort’thalis Publishing – Revelry in Torth (OSR)

Fire Opal Media/Pelgrane Press – 13th Age Monthly: Sharpe Initiatives: Earthgouger (13th Age)

Raging Swan Press – Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball

TPK Games – The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw

Flaming Crab Games – The Priest Base Class

Legendary Games – Legendary Paladins

Amora Game – Meditations of Jade

Fire Opal Media/Pelgrane Press – 13th Age Monthly: Kroma Draconics

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Underdark Racial Feats

Rite Publishing – 10 Kingdom Seeds: Forests

Raging Swan Press – Alternate Dungeons: Alchemist’s Laboratory

Northwinter Press – Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters

Rite Publishing – Gossamer Options: Characters (Diceless)

Playground Adventures – Pixies on Parade

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Ratfolk, Catfolk and Dhampir Feats

Fire Opal Media/Pelgrane Press – 13th Age Monthly: Echo and Gauntlet (13th Age)

Fire Opal Media/Pelgrane Press – 13th Age Monthly: 7 Icons Campaign (13th Age)

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Uncommon Racial Feats

Purple Duck Games – Monster Advancement: Enhanced Aberrations

Raging Swan Press – Alternate Dungeons: Abandoned Village

Dreamscarred Press – Psionics Augmented: Seventh Path

Rite Publishing – Pathways #53

Rogue Genius Games – Four Horsemen Present: Gruesome Aberrations

Rite Publishing – Lost in Dream (Fiction)

Rite Publishing – Pathways #54

Legendary Games – Mythic Minis: Inherent Advancement

Drop Dead Studios – Spheres of Power

Legendary Games – Cyborgs

Rite Publishing – Gossamer Worlds: The Otherlands (Diceless)

Kotodama Heavy Industries – Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Role Play (Ryuutama)

Kobold Press – Advanced Races: Tosculi

Mór Games – Bondsworn: Desiderius and Keale

Everyman Gaming – Ultimate Charisma

Paizo Fans United – Wayfinder #14

Fat Goblin Games – Call to Arms: Mantles of Power

Rite Publishing – Martial Arts Guidebook

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens Volume III: Scorpion Cactus

Rogue Genius Games – Four Horsemen Present: Gruesome Fey

AAW Games – Shattered Hearts AP #1: The Ties That Bind


As for January 2016: I have planned to deliver A LOT of Frog God Games reviews for January, so expect to see some big ones here.  More GUMSHOE-reviews are also in the pipeline alongside Little Red Goblin Games’ Alternate Paths: Martials and much, much more. Machine of the Lich Queen will hit site this week as well.


As for the prioritized reviews for January, I am aware of the following:

Flying Pincushion Games – Into the Breach: The Forgotten Classes

Playground Adventures – G.U.M.B.O.



If you’re eligible for a prioritized review, please tell me as soon as possible and I’ll try to deliver in time if possible!

Thank you for your support! Here’s to a wonderful 2016 full of chances – I’m proud and excited to embark upon this wonderful journey with you!


I remain, as always, yours,

Endzeitgeist out.


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