Patreon-Update 07/2017

Dear readers!


Woa, what a month.

This month was incredibly busy regarding my non-online life, as many of you will undoubtedly have noticed.

That being said, I take my obligations towards my supporters very serious and in spite of my required absence from the internet for about 2 weeks, I have worked very hard to ensure that you get your reading material. I think, I have succeeded. You may notice that A LOT of the books I covered this month were REALLY big, crunch-intense and work-intense monsters, so hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these!


Without further ado, here is my list:


AAW Games – 5E Mini-Dungeon: Heart of the Sacred Dawn (5e)

Purple Duck Games – Fabulous Archetypes

Fat Goblin Games – Firearms & Margarine: An Adventure Entertainment (Castle Falkenstein)

AAW Games – 5E Mini-Dungeons: The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove (5e)

Legendary Games – Mythic Magic: Horror Spells

Paizo – Horror Adventures

Wayward Rogues Publishing – Incarnate Hybrid Class

Jon Brazer Enterprises – Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium

Echelon Game Design – Echelon Expansions: Draconic Bloodlines (revised edition)

Everyman Gaming – Corruption Codex

Rite Publishing – The Gamemaster’s Guide to Kaidan

Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Fraywrack (5e)

Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Fraywrack (system neutral)

Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Fraywrack

Rogue Genius Games/Mike Myler – Veranthea Codex: Forever Dark

Little Red Goblin Games – The Shapeshifter Base Class

Purple Duck Games – Unchained Gunslingers

Kobold Press – Prepared! One-Shot Adventures for 5th Edition (5e)

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Kumiho

Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Yroometji

Necrotic Gnome Productions – Theorems & Thaumaturgy Revised Edition (OSR)

Necrotic Gnome Productions – The Complete Vivimancer (OSR)

Everyman Gaming – Racial Prestige: Kyubi Paragon

AAW Games – 5E Mini-Dungeon: Dwarven Dread (5e)

Legendary Games – Crimson Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

Goodman Games/Pandahead Productions – Maximum Xcrawl

Pyromaniac Press – Arms of Myth & Legend (5e)

Rogue Genius Games/Mike Myler – Veranthea Codex: Adventurer’s Handbook

Quasar Knight Enterprises – Larius Firetongue’s School of Sorcery (OSR)

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens: Dream Weed

Echelon Game Design – Echelon Reference Series: Barbarians (PRD + 3pp)

Pelgrane Press/Ocean Game – The Esoterrorists: The Love of Money (GUMSHOE)

Casey Brown – LG BK Classics: Blue Scales, Red Secrets

Everyman Gaming – Skill Challenge Handbook

Wayward Rogues Publishing – Librarian Hybrid Class

Rusted Iron Games – Deadly Gardens: Star Blossom

Flying Pincushion Games – Into the Breach: The Bard

ICOSA Entertainment – Pure Steam: Westbound

Drop Dead Studios – The Shapeshifter’s Handbook

Kobold Press – Deep Magic: Angelic Seals (5e)

R. Talsorian Games Inc. – Bastille Day (Cybergeneration 2027)


As always, dear readers: If you enjoy what I’m doing and have a buck to spare for a coffee or an ice for yours truly, please consider joining my patreon here. It literally keeps the lights on for this whole enterprise and a single buck per month is something I deeply appreciate.


Reviewing is rewarding, but takes a lot of time and effort and I do try to listen to my patreons and their request, so yeah, if you’re not already a supporter, please think about it!


I’ll slink back into the shadows now – I have a lot coming up for you fine folks!


Endzeitgeist out.


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