Patreon Update 05/18

Dear Patreons!
It has been a rather busy month for me, with the aftermath of a hailstorm last week (rare occurrence around here!) and the dayjob demanding a lot attention from yours truly. On the plus-side, the couple fo days spent at the WGT represented the most fun I had since I had the opportunity to spend the US in 2016, so that was rather exhilarating!
Behind the scenes, I am currently writing a lot of material for different projects, evaluating my long-term strategies, reading and testing material like crazy…and I’m trying hard to finish my brief queue for print copies, catch up with a couple of publishers…and finish some big files, so I can finally complete last year’s top ten. Turns out that I read more than ever before. You should definitely see the list before my birthday on the 27th of June, though.
In spite of the busy month, I managed to complete a ton of reviews on your behalf – many of them the direct consequence of prioritized and non-prioritized requests by my patreons. Without these stalwart people, there would be no, and I’m trying hard to take requests into account, even for the most humble support levels.
Here is the list of reviews I finished this month:
Fat Goblin Games – Vs. Ghosts Adventure: The Ghosts of Pendergrass (VsM Engine)
Purple Duck Games – Partatingi Monster Codex
Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Festive Options
Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Festive Armory
Straight Path Games – Trap Cards (system neutral)
Zzarchov Kowolski – The Trail of Stone and Sorrow (NGR/OSR)
Straight Path Games – Conversation Cards (system neutral)
Daimon Games – Black Dogs ’zine #1 (OSR)
Stuffer Shack Press – Truly Terrifying vampires (system neutral)
Stuffer Shack Press – Thornroot Hill (system neutral)
Purple Duck Games – Spellbooks of Porphyra
Lost Spheres Publishing – Transcendent 10 – Feats of Synergy – Heartbound Heroes
Fat Goblin Games – Vs. Stranger Stuff: Love vs. Hate (VsM Engine)
Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Operative Specializations (SFRPG)
Lost Spheres Publishing – Transcendent 10 – Feats of the Lost – Forlorn Heroes
Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Arcane Artillerist (SFRPG)
Jon Brazer Enterprises – 13 Fighter Talents and Maneuvers (13th Age)
Purple Duck Games – Hybrid Class: Godsend
Kort’thalis Publishing – Player’s Handbook Like A Fucking Boss (almost system neutral)
Everyman Gaming – Everyman Minis: Family Options
GM Games – The Manor #8 (OSR)
Legendary Games – Intrigue Archetypes
Burning Games – FAITH, the Sci-Fi RPG Core Rules 2.0 (RpC Engine)
Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Loremaster (SFRPG)
Zzarchov Kowolski – The Gnomes of Levnec (NGR/OSR)
Jon Brazer Enterprises – 13 Cantrips and Spells for Wizards (13th Age)
Legendary Games – Legendary Kineticists II
Necrotic Gnome Productions – B/X Essentials: Cleric and Magic-User Spells (OSR)
AAW Games – Mini-Dungeons Tome (rating-less)
Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Tibol-Korrin (system neutral)
Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Tibol-Korrin (5e)
Raging Swan Press – Places of Power: Tibol-Korrin
Everyman Gaming – Star Log.EM: Augmentative Equipment (SFRPG)
Fat Goblin Games – Shadows over Vathak: Gamemaster’s Guide to Ina’oth
Rite Publishing – In the Company of Unicorns (5e)
Dark Naga Adventure/Fat Goblin Games – Haunting of Hastur #2: The Buried Zikurat (5e)
Gamer Printshop – Spaceships, Stations and Salvage Guide (SFRPG)
Red Moon Medicine Show – Vacant Ritual Assembly #1 (OSR)
Pyromaniac Press – What Lies Beyond Reason #4: Sanitarium (5e)
Pyromaniac Press – What Lies Beyond Reason #4: Sanitarium
Expeditious Retreat Press – Advanced Adventures: the Prison of Meneptah (OSR)
Purple Duck Games – Adventure Avenue: A Nightmare Awakening
First Ones Entertainment – Tyrants of Saggakar: Path to Ambition
Lost Pages – Burgs & Bailiffs: Hunger, Disease & The Law (OSR)
Dreamscarred Press – Steelforge Book 2
If you enjoy what I’m doing and consider my service worthwhile, then please consider donating to my patreon. I’m devoting a ton of hours to this endeavor, and every bit of support helps.
You can check out my patreon here and keep the reviews flowing!
I hope you’ll have an amazing month and remain yours truly,
Endzeitgeist out.


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