Mythic Minis: Feats of the Dilettante

Mythic Minis: Feats of the Dilettante


All right, you know the deal – 3 pages – 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, 1 page content, let’s go!


-Life Lure: Captivate undead, more efficient versus non-mythics.


-Lingering Performance: Bardic performances continue for +1/2 mythic tier rounds; spend mythic power to keep such a lingering performance in effect in spite of starting a new one; stacking performances further increases mythic power cost. Awesome one, though I wished it had some additional synergy for improved masterpiece-stacking.


-Master Alchemist: +1/2 mythic tier on Craft (alchemy); partially ignore prerequisites and brew wondrous items of a select array as potions. Solid.


-Oracular Intuition: Better bonus versus those subject to magic; also spend mythic power to determine properties of item you’re touching at Spellcraft+10.


-Prodigy: Additional +1/2 mythic tier bonus on skill selected. Spend mythic power to treat any result of said skill as a natural 20. When crafting mundane items that have a DC to save against, spend mythic power to increase that DC. Also, increase e.g. performances by one step when e.g. playing for money etc and spend mythic power for more gold earned.


-Spell Bluff: Higher DC to identify your spells; when omitting components of the spell, such as gestures, you further increase the DC. Modify looks of spell as spell thematics from the 3.X days of old. Also, spontaneously switch spell to lower level spell via mythic power to prevent having a foe identify the spell and counterspell it correctly, allowing for complex spell-tactics-scenarios. Interesting!


-Spellsong: Better masked spellcasting when masked in a performance. Increased DC when using bardic performance to maintain a spell via spellsongs; also, expend mythic power to increase DC of spell from bard list by 1/2 tier. Ouch!


-Taunt: Cancel morale bonuses of foes you demoralize; also gain 2 x mythic tier to your bluff-based demoralize.


-Versatile Channeler: No longer treat your cleric level as two lower for channeling the opposite type of energy. Also: Channel BOTH positive and negative energy at once, freely selecting how many dice to apply to each. Selective channel and similar effects apply to both energy types separately. Now, personally, I think this should at least cost additional channel energy uses and/or mythic power to make up for the massive increase in versatility/action economy, but that may be me. The feat isn’t broken per se, but the amount of control it nets is pretty significant.



Editing and formatting are very good, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to Legendary Games’ 2-column full color standard and the pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length.


Jason Nelson and Tork Shaw deliver solid feats herein, but ones that slightly fall below the level of awesomeness I expect from a file – don’t get me wrong, this mythic mini is rock solid, but I didn’t blow me away. Add to that the significant DC-increase via Spellsong and increase in flexibility of Versatile Channeler (Never, ever let that one near a mythic divine channeler! It’s strong for clerics, but divine channelers? OUCH!) and we have some cool, but also very strong, for my tastes, slightly too strong, options. My final verdict will hence clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded down by a still margin.


You can get this mythic mini here on OBS and here on’s shop.
Endzeitgeist out.


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