Miscellaneous Musings: Top 5 Chocolates you can (easily) get in Germany

Miscellaneous Musings: Top 5 Chocolates you can (easily) get in Germany


And now for something completely different! I’ve been asked by one of my readers to provide a list of my favorite German chocolates you can get around here.


Well, turns out that most of them are handcrafted, rare chocolates that you can basically find nowhere…and that would not be helpful, now, would it? So, instead, I will cover the best chocolates you can find in Germany and purchase in (most) supermarkets! The list is obviously pretty subjective. Got that? Great!


Most people associate Milka chocolate (the one with the violet cow) with German chocolate, but it honestly isn’t the best. So, without further ado:


#5: Sarotti

Extremely flavorful chocolate, these are classic and a very German type of chocolate. For less than an euro, it is extremely inexpensive and the nougat in particular is glorious and not as sweet as most. While I can’t eat it anymore, I definitely suggest checking Sarotti chocolate out!


#4 Eilles

Pretty expensive gourmet chocolates and pralines, Eilles chocolate is definitely worth getting and their teas and coffees are similarly great.


#3 Feodora

Creamy, smooth and absolutely delicious, Feodora does not use soy lecithin, instead using rapeseed, so if you can’t eat soy…these are the chocolates to go for. They are absolutely fantastic and tasty and I have yet to meet someone who didn’t like them.


#2 Lauenstein

Lauenstein chocolate is still hand-crafted and provides truly outré flavors with jasmine, raspberry and similar uncommon tastes part of their significant array of mouth-watering flavors. Lauenstein chocolate and pralines, in particular their truffles, rank among the best you will find anywhere.


#1 Lindt Weihnachtsschokolade

Told you this list was subjective, right? This is my favorite chocolate ever. I’m allergic to some of its components. It’s the Swiss chocolate giant Lindt’s seasonal Christmas chocolate and as soon as it hits stores, I down a lot of allergy meds, eat it and then suffer for a couple of days. Rinse and repeat. Every year. Yeah, I know, less reasonable and smart than a hamster. I don’t mind. Filled with a creamy filling suffused with copious amounts of cilantro and cinnamon, this taste immediately sends positive vibes to my brain, acting as instant happiness and joy and I try to not drool upon the table. It’s only available between mid-October and December, but if you do get the chance, try it. It is, hands down, my favorite chocolate ever.


So yeah, that would be my own top 5 chocolates you can easily get around here!

Hope it does help you if you ever visit Germany!

Endzeitgeist out.

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