Lords of Gossamer & Shadows Icon & Icon NPC Decks (Diceless/system-neutral)

Lords of Gossamer & Shadows Icon  and  Icon NPCs Decks (Diceless/system-neutral)


And now for something complete different!


This was moved up my review-queue due to me receiving a physical copy of the product in question.


From the get-go, I was positively surprised – not sure if it’s due to a change in policy on behalf of OBS or not, but the cards I received arrived in absolutely pristine condition, contained in hard-shell plastic cases, which prevented any creases or other unpleasant surprises.


Beyond that, this deck of cards is massive and contains a selection of US Poker-Size 2.5” x 3.5 ” cards with round corners. The card-stock paper is high-quality and employs a 305 gsm matte and the cards are UV coated. The cards are sturdy enough to deal well with shuffling, bending them, etc.


Beyond these technical details, there may be a freak accident…there may be something wrong with me…but unless I’ve begun sucking harder at basic counting of cards than an amnesiac, the description of this product undersells this deck HARD. EDIT: So, I totally blundered and didn’t get that there were two decks – one for the NPCs and one for the Icons. I basically took a look at both and the artwork quality for either is SUPERB. Still, even taking this into account, I counted more cards than 104, so this does overdeliver, even when looked at individually!


That is NOT a complaint or a bad thing, though it is something that you should definitely bear in mind – as far as I’m concerned, these decks overdeliver pretty hardcore. And yes, I’ve checked the cards more than once – no doubles, at least in the deck(s) I received  -there is zero overlap between the two decks…so yes, bang-for-buck-wise, I’m really surprised at the quality! Kudos!


The back of the cards sports the “Icon Deck” logo employed in the review/product description and there is another thing I really appreciate – each of the artworks is credited on the card at the central bottom of the card, giving credit where credit is due to the hard-working artists. Better yet, in spite of being easily readable, said credits do not intrude unduly upon the gorgeous images depicted on the cards, which similarly is a huge thing for me: When I get gorgeous color cards, I damn well want them to look the way and this delivers.


Now, regarding themes, this deck covers a ton of ground: Within these cards, you can see a gorgeously-rendered Mulan-style warrior-queen in front of a Chinese dragon; you can see a horrific, cthulhoid, yet humanoid entity that has a horrid, resin-like textures. The dwimmerlaik, both warriors, philosophers and more are depicted in absolutely stunning pieces on the cards…and then there would be the awesome and weird: Like the walrus-headed huamnoid in Imperial Cuirass, the guy that looks like a winged, badass tattooed survivalist with Jesus-hair, the lich-like undead bathed in green fire…and, for those who know where to look, there is also the tribute to Owen K.C. Stephens, immortalized in one of the cards as a kind of Patrician-looking mastermind.


The planes/world-hopping diversity of focus and themes is eclectic and befitting of the central virtues of LoGaS, with e.g. an admiral who sports a rifle that obviously can fire radioactive grenades, alien plant-beings, Tokyo-school-girl lookalike mistresses of arcane might (or rather, eidolon/umbra), dazzling ladies in Flamenco-aesthetic with pet-dragons, tattooed Yakuza, grizzled post-apocalypse survivors or people that may well have been famous planeswalkers like Urza is the aesthetics of their depiction. The styles of the various artists never clash unduly and, while distinct, there is a unifying theme that ties the artworks together – that being quality – LoGaS has been excellent regarding the consistency of the amazing artworks routinely employed and this can be pictured as an excellent showcase.


In fact, it is my contention that the usefulness of this deck transcends LoGaS – this is just as amazing when used for The Strange, a full-blown planes-walking campaign or similar environments that thrive on receiving an array of eclectic and stunning artworks.


In short, being an icon deck, this excels in pretty much all the ways I could ask from it: The material is excellent, the artworks are superb, the artists are properly credited…there is nothing to dislike about this deck and thus, it receives 5 stars + seal of approval.


You can get these cool Icon cards here on OBS!

You can get the amazing NPC Icon cards here on OBS!



Endzeitgeist out.



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  1. Matt Banach says:

    Great review! Fun fact: the “guy that looks like a winged, badass tattooed survivalist with Jesus-hair” is Yaeger Zane, the point-of-view character for Rite Publishing’s Gossamer Worlds series (soon to be released in big compilation per our Kickstarter).

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