Dear readers!


It’s that time once again!


I have a couple of cool kickstarters you may want to check out!


Dark Obelisk Character Compendium (PFRPG) by Infinium Game Studios:

This gigantic tome contains a massive amount of NPCs and pregens for use with the ambitious, colossal Dark Obelisk Saga…oh, and guess what: Both Characters AND Villains will get their due…and if the massive previous books are any indicator, the book will be MASSIVE indeed! You can check out this KS here – it has 11 days to go and is fully funded!


New Paths Compendium: PFRPG RPG Expanded Edition by Kobold Press:

The mighty kobolds have just started a new KS for an almost completed book: The revamp and expansion of their class-centric pdfs, released n the New Paths series, all in gorgeous full-color! The KS has 29 days to go (and will get another shout-out) but if you like the cool material the kobolds have, this is the place to go! Here is the link!


Culinary Magic Cookbook by Flaming Crab Games:

Okay, last, but definitely not least, the Flaming Crab Crew has fully funded the culinary magic cookbook, blending real life recipes you can actually cook with in-game magical effects (and yes, you can memorialize and even submit your recipes!!), the book promises to offer culinary delights AND more material for the cool subsystem! While fully funded, I have a huge hope that some of you folks out there will join this KS in the home-stretch. As per the writing of this, the KS only has 58 hours to go…but if we meet the 5K-mark (which is well within the realm of possibility!), we also get a brewbook! (The master of the Flaming Crab is a hobby brewer, just so you know!) So yeah, please take a look at this awesome project here and decide fast – the clock’s ticking!


If you like what I’m doing, please consider supporting my patreon. Every little bit helps and it literally keeps the lights on for me and this site going!! You can find my patreon here.


All right, that’s it for now…I remain, as always,

Yours truly,


Endzeitgeist out.



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