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while I’m wrangling my PC-situation (keep your fingers crossed for me!), here are three amazing kickstarters that deserve your patronage!


Quests of Doom 5 by Frog God Games (PFRPG/5e/OSR):

So, while I’m still working on the reviews for the massive perilous vistas hardcovers, which are PF-exclusives, 5e and OSR-GMs can now get the modules contained in those as stand-alone modules as well! Oh, and guess what – a ton of new modules, available for all 3 systems, are also part of the deal! I know that I’d love to get my paws on those modules – the frogs know what they’re doing!


You can check out this KS here!


Stars Without Numbers by Sine Nomine Publishing (OSR):

Perhaps THE scifi option for OSR gaming, Stars Without Numbers is ridiculously good, detailed and even if you play another system, this is bound to have a ton of material to scavenge. Oh, and exclusive to the KS, you can get an OMNIBUS. Yeah, allcaps. If I had the bucks, I’d get that. Containing all Stars Without Numbers books ever.

The KS broke the 100K marker. That ought to give you an idea.


You can check out this KS here!


City of Seven Seraphs by Lost Spheres Publishing (PFRPG):

If you decide quickly, you can get into the early adopter phase!

Lost Spheres Publishing is a bit of an underdog in the PFRPG-world, but OH BOY. Know what this is? Something that does, strangely, not exist in any way for PFRPG. A designated planar campaign setting.

Not a tourist destination. A planar metropolis, in the tradition of Sigil etc. This has the chance to become the Planescape of PFRPG. And look at the artwork and layout. It has Liz Courts’ skills written all over it. Glorious. And guess what? Your friendly neighborhood Endzeitgeist is included in the project. More important, though, would be the list of authors involved: Colin “Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate 2” McComb; Clinton frickin’ Boomer; Michael “Master of the Akashic Arts” Sayre; the hero N. Jolly needs no introduction either. THE Robert Brookes. David N. Ross. Todd Stewart. None other than planar enthusiast and long-time wildcard George “Loki” Williams. Ron “Run Amok Games” Lundeen. Savannah Broadway, Scott Gladstein, Robert N. Emerson , Jessica Redekop, Sasha Hall…oh, and the stretch-goals include the masters of the 3pp-world: Wolfgang Baur, Jason Nelson, Jeremy Smith and Stormbunny’s Jaye Sonia! Oh, and a poster map is in the cards by none other than maestro Lazaretti.

…if you know anything about 3pps, this is pretty much an all-star team, with many of the folks published by Paizo, Goodman Games, etc. – more importantly, their visions are similar. I can literally picture this gem coming together. This book NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


Please check out and support the KS right here!


As always, if you enjoy what I’m doing and have a spare buck, please contemplate checking out my patreon here! Every single donation helps keep the lights on!



All right, that’s it for now,

back to trying to get a proper PC.

Endzeitgeist out.


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