My dear readers,

I once again have a round-up of current projects for your convenience!
In the Company of Dragons, By Rite Publishing:

This Kickstarter is marching steadily onwards – having unlocked an adventure by no other than ENnie-award-winning design-legend Ben McFarland AND a massive psionic dragon-chapter by the masterminds of Dreamscarred Press, these dragons march onwards towards full mythic support -provided by none other than Legendary Games commander-in-chief Jason Nelson – who has proven time and again his mastery and imaginative potential when dealing with mythic dragons. This looks VERY promising!


NeoExodus Campaign Setting by LPJr Design:

As per the writing of this text, NeoExodus, fantasy and steampunk meeting Babylon 5, has surpassed 600% funding and continues to chew through stretchgoals – with none other than Dreamscarred Press, Brian Berg (mastermind of TPK Games) and grandmaster crunch Owen K.C. Stephens providing new iconics for cherished classes like Malefactor or Time Thief, the setting’s revamp looks ever more promising. Add to that the new, nasty dragon-types unlocked and the increased art-budget and this may very well become absolute awesomeness.


The Archetype Compendium by Flaming Crab Games:

This massive book of literally hundreds or archetypes still has some way to go to reach funding, so if you enjoy them, you may want to check them out – with archetypes for all variant classes and hybrid classes in the waiting, this may well become a very interesting book.


Gonzo II by Little Red Goblin Games

Gonzo is one of the weirdest and coolest books I’ve had the pleasure to review in the last couple of months. Teh classes were capital-letters WEIRD and provided some of the most unique mechanics I had seen in a while. Now the LRGG-crew is tackling a massive sequel – with a transparent and modest funding goal for a massive, huge infusion of strange into your game. With Battle Clowns and public playtesting docs, this has so far been an exercise in transparency – oh, and unlike previous LRGG-KS, this time around, you can get print. I have no doubt of this funding and the stretch-goals provided seem very reasonable and provide more content, so if you’re looking for soemthing uncommon, you may want to check this out!


Furthermore, there is another project in the wings, though one that is continuous:

Raging Swan Press has a patreon designed specifically to pay the awesome freelancers of the company better rates, with the patrons receiving every product early and with nice benefits à la untagged maps as a further incentive. Now a rather awesome twist is around the corner, with less than $15 missing to bump up the rate for freelancers to an astronomical $0.05 per word. Suffice to say, in the 3pp-RPG-industry, this is an excellent rate indeed – so for fans of Raging Swan Press, this is pretty much an everybody-wins situation: Early access to the products for the supporter, better rates for the freelancers – which results, obviously, to happier and, potentially, more creative freelancers.  So, if you’re interested, take a look!

All right, that’s it for now,  I’ll better get back to reviewing some monstrously work-intense reviews!


Endzeitgeist out.


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