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Dear readers!


It’s been a while since I brought you one of these, and the recent discussion of the Gatekeeper RPG made me think of it, so, without further ado, there are some seriously amazing projects you may want to consider backing on kickstarter!!


Ride the Star Wind by Broken Eye Books (Fiction):

Broken Eye Books have been releasing some really interesting, unique and weird books, from Clinton Boomer’s hilarious “The Hole Behind Midnight” to Richard Pett’s glorious “Crooked.” They are currently trying to fund their latest anthology, with the theme of space opera meeting cosmic horror! As per the writing of this, the KS has only 3 days to go, so please take a look here!


Dry Erase Gaming Tiles by Gaming Paper:

The friendly guys at Gaming Paper make some seriously amazing game aids (and sometimes some seriously amazing adventures to support them!) – and their current kickstarter for dry-erase gaming tiles provides an inexpensive, cool gaming aid. As per the writing of this, the KS is funded and has only 2 days to go, so if you want these cool ads, this may be your last chance to get on board! You can find the KS here!


Trinity of Awesome Returns! (OSR) by Kort’thalis Publishing:

Kort’thalis Publishing sports by now several different settings based on the extremely easy to grasp d6-based engine championed for them; this kickstarter, fully funded as per the time of me writing this, will provide a new module for each of the three systems Crimson Dragon Slayer, The Outer Presence and Alpha Blue. You can check out the KS here!


Bloodlines & Black Magic by Storm Bunny Studios:

Storm Bunny Studios seem to be into interesting, unique campaign settings – this one would be a variant of Pathfinder based on a 7-level structure, taking place in a variant of our own world. So horror, dark fantasy against a realistic backdrop or so much more…this project looks like it’s bound to deliver. Why? Well, look at those authors. These include some of the finest designers in the 3pp-circuit, so yes, I am very much confident that this will be purely amazing! You can find this one here!


Dark Obelisk Berrincorte Basecamp Campaign Resource by Infinium Games:

The Dark Obelisk-saga is shaping up to become perhaps the most challenging thing I have ever reviewed; they are massive books and this tome, intended to be a massive expansion, not only includes serious discounts for Dark Obelisk-books, it is at this point already a massive tome that is bound to grow even more. The author has delivered time and again, so it’s a pretty safe one and the campaign is fully funded with more than 50 days to go – so a lot of stretchgoals will be smashed. You can take a look here!


Perilous Vistas by Frog God Games:

So, I’m a pretty poor sod. I don’t nearly get to back all the KS I want to. I backed this one. Why? A) It’s Frog God Games. They deliver quality time and again. More importantly, the previous two books in this series, Fields of Blood and Dunes of Desolation BOTH made my Top Ten of the respective years! These books provide amazing adventures, simulationalist environmental rules, meticulously-researched hazards and rules and represent some of my favorite books in Frog God Games’ legendary oeuvre. Oh, and one of the two books this KS funds…is already printed. And they’re both  massive hardcovers. This is pretty much a steal. As per the writing of this post, there are 12 days to funding, so please, take a look at this one – it may well define the future of one of Frog God Games best product lines! You can take a look here!


All right, that’s it for now!

Take care and have an amazing week-end!!

Endzeitgeist out.


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