Kickstarter Last Calls!

Dear readers!


There currently are a lot of cool kickstarters running for our hobby and two of them are approaching their finish line, both of them funded!


The first would be:


Perilous Vistas by Frog God Games:

The Frogs are masters of old-school gaming, and while I love their Necromancer Games-expansions, I ultimately prefer the new material they put out. In particular, Dunes of Desolation and Fields of Blood, the two big environmental sourcebooks they put out for Pathfinder, have both ranked on my Top Ten list. Why? Because they are a dream come true: Meticulously researched, they allow you to make terrain really come to life, make the struggle against the elements matter. Heck, from strange infections to blending real life hazards with the fantastic, they are absolutely inspired….and the modules contained within are similarly absolutely GLORIOUS. This KS funds not one, but multiple hardcovers for the series and is an absolute no-brainer. With only a day left to join, I’d strongly suggest joining this one! You can find it here!


Trinity of Awesome Returns (OSR) by Kort’thalis Publishing:

Venger As’Nas Satanis’ different rules-lite rules (Crimson Dragon Slayer, The Outer Presence and Alpha Blue) systems are perfect for uncomplicated beer-and-pretzels type of gaming. They also have a pretty unique, irreverent narrative voice that manages to convey an opinion without drifting off into the asinine realms of “opinionated” rpg-books. The modules for the systems have so far been easy to run, crazy, deadly and Venger tends to overdeliver. With 61 hours to go as per the writing of this post, this is a good chance to get more material for his settings. You can check out the KS here!


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