Heir and Back Again Quest Item and Location Deck

Heir and Back Again Quest Item and Location Deck

This is basically a card-deck, which sports one card per Quest Item featured in the Heir and Back Again homage to the classic point and click adventure games.

It’s first part contains 29 cards that represent the Quest Items that can be found in the pdf, with the back sporting a fairy tale castle and the logo, and the front sporting the artwork of the item, as well as a brief description.


The deal also comes with an archive, which contains the respective artworks in high-res jpgs.


Do you absolutely need this supplement for these item-cards? No, but it makes for a nice prop for the game, particularly when playing the module with kids.


However, as of right now, there is more to the deck!


Now here is an amazing thing and proof that AAW Games cares and listens: The deck has been expanded and now provides a second set of cards, one that depicts the lavishly-illustrated locations! These cards have a different back, allowing for easy identification. Oh, and they can be used to represent the locations at the table. Huge plus!


So yeah, this expanded deck has greatly increased its value, courtesy of the nice location artwork cards. Hence, the final verdict is adjusted as well, to 5 stars.


Publishers: This is how it’s done!


You can get this deck of cards here on OBS!


Endzeitgeist out.


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