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My dear readers,


since you expressed an interest in me continuing posts like this, here would be a summary of current kickstarters that would be worth backing:


In the Company of Dragons, By Rite Publishing:

I did not enjoy the huge amount of math the review of the original ItC: Dragon-book required me to undertake for the review; I very much enjoyed the results. Now Rite Publishing is gunning for a bigger, better version with significant setting-expansions and yes, it is already funded. I am very much looking forward to seeing the definite book on PLAYING A DRAGON!


NeoExodus Campaign Setting by LPJr Design:

Oh, NeoExodus took a beating from me way back, but instead of being grumpy, LPJr Design upped their game and went on to refine their crunch to a point where it measures up to the awesome ideas they always had. NeoExodus, coincidentally, has a way of worming its way into all of my games – the narrative potential of so many of the components demands to be acknowledged and I catch myself rather often in going back to these pdfs to scavenge ideas – more often than not with awesome results. This KS has already funded the revised campaign setting book and if my full color Obsidian Apocalypse book is any indicator, it will be one of the most beautiful books you have seen. From what was hinted at, the new content added will probably make this even better. So yes, I’m a big fan of this setting and its unique ideas.


The Ferryport Adventures: The Dead Gulch by Lone Wanderer Entertainment:

With ten days to go, this adventure is still short of funding, though the company has released successfully other books before; set in the world of Uteria, I am currently digesting the first module of the series and will have a review up before the KS ends – from what I’ve read and seen so far, the module does look promising.


The Archetype Compendium by Flaming Crab Games:

The Flaming Crab Games team is gunning for something ambitious – a huge book containing a gazillion of archetypes for all base classes and hybrid classes – 256 are scheduled to be included in the massive book.


So, take a look at these KS, in case they passed under your radar!


I will now get back to finalizing my 2000th review, see you tomorrow for one huge monstrosity of a review!

Endzeitgeist out.


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