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Dear readers,


since some of you did want me to keep publishing the like, here’s a brief update on what’s currently going on in the realm of kickstarters etc.:


Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms: The next compilation of Lost Lands adventures by Frog God Games, this book has 10 days to go as per the writing of this review. I own the Necromancer Games modules this one updates and they rank among the best in the NG-library, Especially “Aberrations” is a masterpiece of lovecraftian nastiness. Beyond that, one can preorder the next region-setting book, the steppe-themed “Fields of Blood” via this KS…and get both the superb “Dunes of Desolation” AND “Cyclopean Deeps I and II” at a deep discount. If I somehow can scrounge together the bucks, I’m definitely joining this one. Dunes and Cyclopen Deeps I are both candidates of my Top Ten of last year and Cyclopean Deeps made the cut for the final list, so yeah. Awesomeness!


Advanced Races Compendium: This KS has 4 days to go as per the writing of this and if you’ve been following my reviews, you’ll probably be surprised I endorse this. The series took quite a beating in some of my reviews. However, instead of just shrugging it off, Kobold Press went the extra mile and hired yours truly and Steven T. Helt to take a look at the races, redesign them, take care of the rough edges, etc. Now admittedly, I’m biased towards my own work, but I am rather proud of what I did here: Each race I covered was not only rewired, I also did strive to make them UNIQUE. What do I mean by this? Well, kobolds can now, for example, run through traps via acrobatics sans triggering them, making pursuits through gauntlets possible. I also made the dragonkin better bulwarks versus the elements and provided means for them to emphasize their respective draconic heritage. Ever wanted to play a gearforged, but did not like the full-blown construct traits and what they entail? Well, I’ve expanded the rules to allow for gradual transformation into gearforged (fret not, Midgard-setting-buffs, I did include a rationale for this!) and thus full customization of the degree of how “constructy” you want to be. I am also confident in Steven’s ability to develop content, so yeah – pretty much awesome.

Better yet, there are quite a few exclusive books that can be added – for example the PFRPG-version of “Halls of the Mountain King”, the awesome dwarven hall/freemasonry-themed mega-module, whose hardcover on my shelf still has its shine. So yeah, this looks like it’s gonna be a very interesting book indeed!


Interjection Games Patreon: Yesterday, Interjection Games has launched the IG patreon, with an expansion for the superb Onmyoji-class as the first offering – Bradley Crouch has demonstrated time and again his ability to make mathematically sound and feasible subsystems and wrench thoroughly NEW and innovative mechanics from the rules-chassis of d20 – with a significant array of classes that have become a fixed staple in my own game, I expect great things to come out of this patreon:After all, the tinkers, ethermancers, maestros, edgewalkers etc. in my games can always use company! I consider this patreon especially since it has a very interesting option – for a one-time payment of $150, you can have your own custom class, based on a concept, a mechanic – whatever you desire! So yes, I *am* pretty excited to see the fruits of this option especially!


So, that’s it for now, I do hope you take a look at the above and that I could draw attention to cool options you otherwise would have missed!


Now it’s back to reviewing for me!

Cheers and thanks for reading,
Endzeitgeist out.


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