Sep 292017

Dear readers!


As per the writing of this review, Legendary Games’ Alien Bestiary KS is not only fully funded, it has only 37 hours to crush stretch-gaols! In case you’re wondering: Legendary Games creates some of the most amazing monsters I have ever seen and a full bestiary of them makes me all kinds of giddy. Add to that that the book will be made in 3 versions, for PFRPG, SFRPG and 5e, and I’m already grinning with malevolent glee, rubbing my hands!


So yeah, take a look here and get on board while you can!


As always, if you enjoy what I’m doing, please consider donating to my patreon – it’s literally what keeps the lights on for this whole reviewing enterprise. Every little bit helps and next week, you’ll see no less than 4 reviews requested by my patreons!


Speaking of next week – I’ll have a longer KS-shout-out for you then!


Endzeitgeist out.


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