Amazing Kickstarters!

Dear patreons, dear readers,


it has come to my attention that awesome kickstarters were running during my hiatus…and actually *are still running! They both make me curse that the trip to teh US has left me in no position to support either, but rest assured that I’d back them in a heartbeat!


Demon Cults & Secret Societies (PFRPG/5e) by Kobold Press

Kobold Press needs no introduction. Some of the best adventures and most evocative sourcebooks out there have been crafted by Wolfgang Baur and his cadre. The Demon Cults-series, so far, has been an amazing array of pdfs and this kickstarter to make more of them is thus pretty much a no-brainer. Fully funded and marching towards more content, this looks amazing and is worth your support – 5 days to go, as per the writing of this post, so check it out here!


Salt-in-Wounds Setting (PFRPG/5e) by J.M. Perkins

J.M. Perkins has delivered the comprehensive guide to making commoners actually work…but through Tribality Publishing and his own online work, he has been tinkering away at what I consider to be the most awesome city concept I’ve read in ages: Think of a dark, twisted city, built on the TARRASQUE, an economy based on its infinite regeneration, a visceral city of flesh and salt – dark, high-fantasy of the highest caliber, this has smashed through numerous stretch-goals and is en route to getting a full-blown, massive AP! Srsly, I know right now that I’d *love* to caress that hardcover! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for – something daring, something new far off the beaten path – and it looks like I’m not alone in wanting something truly creative! The timer’s ticking, though – only about 30 hours to go, so check it out now and back it here!


That’s it for now,

See you around!


Endzeitgeist out.




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