7 days to go for the Midgard-KS! (…and a look at the impressive Shadows over Vathak tome!)

Dear readers!


Considering how stressful life can be, I figured you may appreciate the reminder that both D&D 5e and PFRPG-players and GMs have a serious reason to back Kobold Press’ current, massive kickstarter to bring more Midgard to PFRPG…and to bring the glorious setting to 5e for the very first time! You can take a look at this massive campaign here!


Beyond that, I have received a beautiful, massive book I’ve already reviewed: The Shadows Over Vathak Player’s Guide.


I am not kidding when I’m saying that the book is really impressive in print – the Fat Goblin Games crew has even given it a unique cover/spine, etc. I’ve reviewed this colossal tome in detail (the review’s here!)…but since pictures are worth more than words, here some impressions!




Insanely grinning EZG, thinking about playing in the setting:

(In case you haven’t tried – the pics are linked to where you can purchase the SoV PG! – alternatively, use this link!)

Anyways…I hope you’ll excuse my indulgence and the fact that I suck at photography. 😉 If you, for some reason like my mug, or, more likely, liked those pictures and want me to post more pics of books that have fallen into my clutches, tell me and I’ll make it regular feature for books I get in print!


Back to your regularly-scheduled reviewing!

Endzeitgeist out.


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